Modernization Consulting: Plugins to HTML5

Plugin Prohibition for the browser is here. Various browsers are in the process of phasing out the support and availability of plugins. Web applications currently implemented with Flash, Flex, plugins, and other outdated plugin technologies will cease to perform once this transformation is complete. Businesses need to act now to modernize.

Many enterprise companies have outdated applications currently in use that are implemented with outdated technology: plugins, Adobe Flex, Flash, Applets, Silverlight, and others.

Keyhole Software has extensive expertise with the migration of mission-critical outdated applications to more modern technologies, particularly in the migration to HTML5 with JavaScript. From adapting current data and business logic to this new technology approach to a total rewrite, Keyhole Software has your organization covered.

Keyhole Software Expertise

In addition to modernization to HTML5, we currently assist clients with HTML5 initiatives including HTML5 education courses for the enterprise, HTML5 integration strategy planning, and the development of HTML5-based applications.

We have extensive expertise with HTML5 architecture, which is detailed in our informational white paper, tutorials, and blogs.

Consulting Services

Keyhole Software consultants can provide HTML5 and JavaScript expertise to transition your current outdated applications to interactive, best-in-class applications. Our expert HTML5 consultants can help you:

  • Document and map your current application and strategically plan the most efficient means for modernization
  • Architect, design, develop and deploy your HTML5 application
  • Create extensible and intuitive rich user interfaces with text, images, pickers, sliders, tables, nested table, citations, character entities, and horizontal rules
  • Build offline HTML5 applications. Learn more here.
  • Mentor / Player Coach your team members to help them to understand, use, and know best practices in HTML5 development
  • Teach your development team the ins and outs of HTML5 and JavaScript

Keyhole Software consulting services are offered as a Time & Materials-based custom engagement; contact your local Keyhole representative for pricing information.

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We'd be happy to discuss your migration needs and develop a strategic consulting plan for application modernization.