Microservices Architectures

A Microservices architecture addresses problems that modern enterprises often face. It has been used successfully in software that supports millions of users, like Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, Uber, and Paypal.

Microservices Consulting

Experienced Implementers

Microservices experts with multiple projects in-flight.

Analysis & Roadmap

Analyzing your applications & creating a strategic path for Microservices migration.

DevOps Platform

Providing the necessary automation required for Microservices success.

Microservices Education

Helping you understand approaches, constructs, and potential pitfalls.

Learn About Microservices

The Microservices approach is a huge shift for the enterprise, essentially "breaking down" monolithic application into small, modular pieces that have the freedom to act independently. Compare the difference in the two following approaches:

Monolithic Architecture

All application functionality is placed in a single deployable unit or executable. You are unable to horizontally scale specific, individual components without scaling the entire application.

Microservices Architecture

Functionally decomposed into a suite of micro-services that handle only a single responsibility. Each service is configured to run as a unique process and can be changed independently.

Key Microservices Concepts

A Microservices approach addresses specific issues that are inherent in monolithic applications, like deployment, upgrading, failover, health checks/monitoring, discovery, and state management.

Recent Microservices Resources

Microservices: Patterns for Enterprise Agility and Scalability

Introduction to the Microservices architecture style, concepts, recommended patterns, and suggested adoption.

Keyhole Can Help

We have helped clients of all sizes to leverage Microservices benefits. We work with clients in a number of capacities, from analysis and strategic planners, to implementers and educators.

Microservices Consulting

Modernization Consulting – Keyhole Consultants provided to help your team meet its goals with Microservices adoption, including the rewrite of applications to a Microservices style of architecture.

Microservices In Three Steps – A three-step approach to integrating Microservices in the enterprise.

Microservices Assessment – A package to assess your software systems and provide a strategic roadmap for adoption to help your team to avoid implementation pitfalls.

Technology Agnostic

We at Keyhole pride ourself on being technology agnostic, choosing the best tools for the application. We have extensive experience with OpenShift, Azure Service Fabric, Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, and other tools and can help you determine the best options for your unique application requirements.

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