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Analyzing your applications & creating a strategic path for Microservices migration.

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Providing the necessary automation required for Microservices success.

Microservices Education

Helping you understand approaches, constructs, and potential pitfalls.

Learn About Microservices

The Microservices approach is a huge shift for the enterprise, essentially "breaking down" monolithic application into small, modular pieces that have the freedom to act independently. Compare the difference in the two following approaches:

Monolithic Architecture

All application functionality is placed in a single deployable unit or executable. You are unable to horizontally scale specific, individual components without scaling the entire application.

Microservices Architecture

Functionally decomposed into a suite of micro-services that handle only a single responsibility. Each service is configured to run as a unique process and can be changed independently.

Recent Microservices Resources

Microservices: Patterns for Enterprise Agility and Scalability

Introduction to the Microservices architecture style, concepts, recommended patterns, and suggested adoption.

Key Microservices Concepts

A Microservices approach addresses specific issues that are inherent in monolithic applications, like deployment, upgrading, failover, health checks/monitoring, discovery, and state management.

Recent Microservices Projects

After years of experience, the number of technologies, tools, and platforms we have worked with are endless. Some of the common Microservice-oriented technologies we work with include.
RedHat OpenShift
Microsoft Azure
Java Spring Framework
AWS Lambda
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Amazon EKS
Amazon S3
Netflix OSS

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Established in 2008, Keyhole is a software consulting firm based in Kansas City and St. Louis. Our consultants are expert software architects & developers that assist nationwide clients in JavaScript, .NET, and Java solutions. Gold Microsoft Partner, AWS Partner.

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Our team is singularly comprised of elite, vetted Keyhole employees with strong histories of client acclaim— hired for development skill, personality, and communication ability, they are with us long term.

Engagement Model

Free initial consultation. We work with clients on Statement of Work basis as individual consultants or entire project teams. We agree on project scope, hourly rate, and estimated timeline. No contract-to-hire or 10-99 outsourcing.
Keyhole has the reputation for quality.And our clients seem to agree...
Keyhole consultants are requested by name by repeat clients.
Consulting contracts are consistently extended by clients to keep our experts on site.

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