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Introduction To Microservices

Microservices is an architectural approach that has been used to create application platforms that successfully support millions of users and require a very short feature time to market.

The Microservices style breaks up application functionality into smaller runtime elements that can be tested and deployed separately using RESTful APIs with a lightweight, simple data transport protocol such as JSON. This approach allows for many benefits in application development: better application scale, less resistant to change, and aiding in your enterprise team Agile pursuits, to name a few.

Microservices Educational Resources

Microservices: Patterns for Enterprise Agility and Scalability

Introduction to the Microservices architecture style, concepts, recommended patterns, and suggested adoption.

Adoption By Development Communities

Keyhole Software consultants have extensive experience in the transition to Microservices from both the Java and .NET perspective.


Open source Java Microservices support is rampant. Companies such as Netflix, Groupon, PayPal, Airbnb have all implemented a Microservices architecture. Many have pioneered design patterns and produced various support frameworks that help to manage and implement a Microservices architecture style.


The .NET community has simply not had the same kind of tooling and innovation as Java. It took nearly three years after the release of Docker for Microsoft to get on the train. Since that time, it has been coming along very nicely, specifically in regards to Service Fabric.

Keyhole Can Help

We have helped clients of all sizes to leverage Microservices benefits. We work with clients in a number of capacities, from analysis and strategic planners, to implementers and educators.

Microservices Consulting

Modernization Consulting – Keyhole Consultants provided to help your team meet its goals with Microservices adoption, including the rewrite of applications to a Microservices style of architecture.

Microservices In Three Steps – A three-step approach to integrating Microservices in the enterprise.

Microservices Assessment – A package to assess your software systems and provide a strategic roadmap for adoption to help your team to avoid the pitfalls in implementation.

Microservices Courses

Courses and workshops to train development staff to correctly apply Microservices.

Microservices Presentations


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