Presentation: Microservice Architecture Made Simple

Presentation Duration: Two Hours

Presentation Audience: architects, leads, and developers who are developing software using Java, .NET or JavaScript technology

Presentation Overview

CPU and RAM costs continues to plummet, Multi-Core systems are ubiquitous, writing code is easier than it has ever been. Why then, is it still so darn hard to make a scalable system?

With Service Fabric, Microsoft has provided a best-in-breed way of developing, deploying, distributing, and managing service oriented systems. We’ll see how this can be applied to the micro services paradigm, as well as how you can drive immediate value into your devops processes by taking existing applications and easily migrating them to service fabric with zero code changes creating amazing horizontal scalability. Not just in the cloud but on-premises in linux or windows.

Talk includes two brief demos:

  • Hello world in 10 minutes or less
  • Convert an existing MVC application in 10 minutes or less

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