Embracing Microservices In Three Steps

The Microservices architectural approach allows for many benefits in application development: better application scale and aiding in your enterprise team Agile pursuits, to name a few.

At Keyhole Software, we are currently using Microservices on multiple projects. In fact, Keyhole Software consultants were early adopters of this approach and have helped enterprise-level clients leverage these benefits. We can teach your enterprise team to adopt and integrate a Microservices style of architecture. We have found that the three-step, incremental Keyhole approach to education is the best way to approach Microservices.

Microservices White Paper

Not sure where to begin? Check out our free white paper discussing the Microservices platform.

Keyhole’s Three-Step Adoption Approach:

Step One: Microservices Educational Presentation (Free)

A free one-hour presentation for your development team in a collaborative lecture setting.

This presentation delves into Microservices architecture, assesses the pros and cons, and help the audience to better understand if this architectural approach is a good fit for their application development needs.

Particular emphasis on what a Microservices architecture looks like and how it can assist in making your development team agile.

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Microservices Education & Concepts Brought to You

Microservices Presentation at Keyhole Software in October 2015

Create a Working Microservices Reference Application

Reference Application Structure

Step Two: Online Or In-Person Course

In Part Two, your team will undergo a series of structured Lab/Lecture courses geared toward Microservices for Java or .NET.

In the Java track, a reference Microservices implementation is coded, analyzed, and modified, including all source code. Through the exercises, students will gain experience working with the API Gateway, Service Registry, Circuit Breaker, and messaging patterns.

Course Breakdown

  • Session 1 – Microservices Platform Introduction
  • Session 2 – Anatomy of Microservices
  • Session 3 – Engaging a Microservice
  • Session 4 – Messaging and Domain Bounded Contexts
  • Session 5 – Introducing Chaos

The best way to understand and apply Microservices is to see it in action. With this online approach, there is no need to leave your premises or schedule training rooms.

Step Three: Hands-On Help

A Keyhole Sr. Consultant Architect will work with your team to help implement or migrate your existing applications to a Microservices-style platform. As a Part of the Microservices in Three Steps offering, your team receives a 40-hour block of custom consulting hours to use to meet your Microservices goals.

By Step Three, your team has an understanding of the benefits Microservices can bring, and can work with Keyhole members to achieve them.

Steps One and Two bring your team the foundation and understanding of Microservices. Step Three puts them in action.

Implementation In Your Enterprise

Hystrix Dashboard in action

Get Started

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