Microservices Assessment

Azure / Service Fabric Strategic Plan

  • Objective

    To assess the current state of the client applications and provide strategic suggestions for approaching Microservices in the form of a deliverables road map for Microsoft Azure and Service Fabric.

  • Duration

    The assessment will take between 2-3 days to complete.

Assessment Overview

The goal of this assessment is to give the team at client an in-depth, hands-on look at strategies for separating domains; automating build, test and release pipelines; monitor and fix problems in a distributed system; delivering business value from distributed data; and key concepts/technologies that facilitate a highly maintainable, scalable system of systems.

This is an initial consultation focused on creating a strategic plan to create a deliverables road map for a Microsoft Azure and Service Fabric proof-of-concept. If after receiving the assessment results, the client chooses to engage Keyhole to support or implement any of the recommendations, a separate engagement will be entered.

The time will also be used as a forum to ask both low and high level technical/business/process questions of the Keyhole principal architect. In this assessment a KHS principal architect will review and understand the existing and to-be automated solutions that exist in the client environment. Specifically, an Azure and Service Fabric proof-of-concept technical strategy and roadmap will be delivered.

The Keyhole principal architect will be onsite to meet with client staff to gather needs analysis and review existing technology and SDLC pipelines. The proof-of-concept roadmap will be in a menu format with various patterns, practices, and technology offerings. The menu will include estimations of hours required for each pattern or component. The estimated hours for each item will be a range from low to high so as to make prioritization and budgeting easy.

This proof-of-concept document will serve as a technical reference moving forward.