Spring Batch Consulting

To keep pace in new and existing markets, business applications must innovate. Many of today’s enterprise applications are unable to change – built on a heavyweight platforms, these applications are too inefficient and brittle, and lacking agility. This is precisely where Keyhole Software can help.

Recognized by the Spring community for our knowledge of Spring Batch, Keyhole experts have leveraged open source Spring Batch for multiple clients nationwide to modernize systems and create business-critical software. Our teams take a customized approach to the conversion of legacy batch applications to a modern distributed computing environment, including software planning, design, implementation, and coaching strategies to minimize risk and resources necessary for successful completion.

  • Most Recently

    A team of Keyhole consultants re-wrote over 30 years of COBOL-based batch programs using the Spring Batch framework for a large Kansas City area financial institution.

Popular Keyhole Software Services


An assessment package designed to assess your software systems and provide a strategic roadmap for modern batch processing adoption.


Keyhole Consultants provided to help your team meet its goals with Spring Batch adoption.


Our team’s real world, hands-on experience is translated into your custom coursework. Depending on the needs of your business, education can include lecture and lab courses led By Keyhole Sr. Consultants, one-on-one or group mentoring and player/coaching, and post-course support services.

Keyhole Software consulting services are offered as a Time & Materials-based custom engagement; contact your local Keyhole representative for pricing information.

Spring Batch Services

Keyhole’s Spring consultants can help your team to understand the architecture of a Spring Batch, including field-proven best practices and use of jobs, steps, and execution. Our consultants can help:

  • Evaluate legacy systems and provide a strategic plan for application modernization.
  • Convert COBOL and legacy batch programs into Spring Batch Jobs.
  • Profile batch processes for performance and resolve performance issues through multithreading, parallel steps, remote chunking, and partitioning.
  • Implement unit testing in Spring Batch applications with testing frameworks like Mockito and JUnit.
  • Mentor / Player Coach your team members to help them to understand, use, and know Batch Processing best practices.
  • Teach your development team the ins and outs of Spring Batch in a 1, 2, or 3-day course. Courses are customized based on your organization’s level of past experience with batch processing.
  • Implement readers with file input from XML and databases via Hibernate, JDBC, and JPA, as well as create custom inputs and implement error handling.

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