Writing Games With Unity 3D, Part 3 – Mobile!

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Part 3 of this blog series is going to be a fun one because we’re going beyond PC/Mac and beginning to support iOS and Android! Unity 4 made this possible by altering the basic version of the license for these platforms to be free (THANK YOU!). I learned a lot through this process and wanted to share it with all …


Writing Games With Unity 3D in JavaScript and C# – Part 2

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Welcome back for Part 2! We covered the following topics in Part 1 of this Unity 3D tutorial: Introduction to Unity Introduction to KeyShot Using multiple cameras to implement a background logo JavaScript and C# Implementations (including how to use nested generics in JavaScript and how to call C# scripts from JavaScript) How to use 3D models with axes that don’t line …


Writing Games With Unity 3D in JavaScript and C# – Part 1

John Boardman .NET, Keyhole Creations, Tutorial 5 Comments

Unity is a development environment for creating professional-level games. It is built on top of MonoDevelop, and utilizes it to achieve the deployment of the same code to many platforms. Unity comes in two versions, but this post will focus on the free version with no add-ons. The free version (which is the one I use) supports out-of-the-box deployment to Mac, …

iPhone/iPad Development With MonoTouch – A Tutorial

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What if your boss came to you today and said: “We need to build a mobile iPhone/iPad application for our company’s legacy desktop application.” After the excitement of finally working on a mobile application subsides, you might begin to wonder if you’ve actually just gotten yourself down a rabbit hole.  As a .NET development shop, you realize that you don’t have Objective-C …