Effective Engineer Onboarding

Effective Engineer Onboarding: Removing Speed Bumps for a Growing Team

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I imagine that most engineers have endured at least one painful onboarding experience. Every person I’ve asked has given me a unique example, from relying on piles of outdated notes to being stuck in some sort of task-less limbo and forgotten by the rest of the team. What should be your first impression of a new team can turn into a nightmare if that process isn’t handled properly.

In this post, I will describe some common themes from these bad experiences, as well as how a team can identify them proactively and work towards a better experience for their next new engineer.

New Keyhole Software Executive Team

Keyhole Software Announces New Executive Structure

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As 2023 begins, we have an exciting announcement. We have formalized Keyhole Software’s executive structure.

As we continue to grow in the years to come, increased clarity of roles and responsibilities will be of the utmost importance in preserving our commitment and adherence to our founding principles. This formalized executive structure will do just that, allowing Keyhole to continue to thrive even as our team expands.

Our new executive team is comprised of individuals who truly know and understand the Keyhole Software values. They are individuals who have played an integral role at Keyhole for many years and will continue to do so now in their new positions.