Kendo Grid: A Primer For First-Time Users

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This is my take on working with Kendo Grid in a Vue 3 project. While I have not explored the grid functionality to the nth degree, these are some things I like about the grid, some difficulties I had implementing it, and some workarounds and quirks I have discovered. Specifically, I will be referring to the Vue implementation of Kendo Grid and the Native Components. This is not to be confused with the Kendo UI for Vue Wrappers.

Kendo Grid is a very robust tool for displaying data in table format. Out-of-the-box features include sorting, filtering, and pagination. Simply defining the column schema with a few config options will have the grid set up quickly. A few features that require more coding and configuration are column collapsing, adding a toolbar, displaying aggregated fields, using custom cell components, implementing column groups, and exporting grid data to a file.

Let’s get started!

Spring Batch for XML

Spring Batch: Using JAXB And StaxEventItemWriter To Generate XML

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While working with a client recently, my team was given the task to retrieve the held securities and account data from the system and export it to XML with the goal of importing it into another external system. The solution involved building a Spring Batch job that would read a set held security data, export that to XML data, and deliver the file to the external vendor securely.

In this blog, I’ll be giving a tutorial on how to execute this solution. These requirements form the basis for the example we’ll use.

Material UI with React

Placing React in Timeout with Material-UI

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As your application complexity increases, you may start thinking about implementing a session timeout in instances when there is no activity for a period of time. Whether you want a session timeout to increase your web app securities or to avoid unnecessary automatic API calls, it’s good to have some sort of idle check and log out built into your application.

Azure Web Apps in Docker Containers – Part 1

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So you want to host a web application on Azure with minimal overhead, but how is this done? Azure makes it possible by running an App Service using Docker containers. Setting up an App Service is simple and can be accomplished with a few steps.

In this blog, I’ll explain the steps necessary to generate a Docker image in Azure. Then, we will deploy a web application based on an image we generate. We host the application with the following steps:
1. Create a Container Registry
2. Build a Docker image
3. Create a Web App

A Quick Look at

Quick Look: Examples

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Some of us take for granted the newer features in Java, but, being a software consultant, I get to be involved in projects that are sometimes constrained to older versions of Java. The features from Java 1.8 that I have enjoyed for a few years are brand new to others.

I wrote this blog as a primer for those who are just getting started using java.util.Stream classes, or for those who haven’t had a chance to take a look at them until now. The quick topics below represent just a sampling of some of the ways to be more productive using java stream classes. Rather than providing a tutorial on how the classes are used, I’ll attempt to explain by example.