Introduction To React

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This hands-on course provides an in-depth introduction to JavaScript web apps implemented with React including how its key features support interactive and structured user interfaces.

Master the features and capabilities of JavaScript framework React then implement your own application using best practices
Software Developers, Software Architects, Front End Designers, Front End Developers

JavaScript programming experience with at least one year as a software developer in a professional environment  |  Must have knowledge of the basic concepts of working with functions, arrays, and variables


Online: $350  |  Onsite: $595  |  Priced Per Attendee

Introduction To React

React (sometimes called React.js) is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library that has become a standard across the board when building high-performant web application user interfaces. React can be used as the base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.

Often, when learning through tutorials alone, the teachings make sense in theory until you try to actually use those concepts to build something.

This introductory React course is hands-on. It's designed to teach developers the fundamentals of React - key concepts, features, components, architecture, and syntax.

By the end of the course, students will have taken those fundamental points to create their own reference React web application with advanced features.

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Who Is This React Course For?

  • Individuals or enterprise teams looking to modernize their front end development knowledge
  • Front end developers who have experience with basic JavaScript
  • Angular, Vue.js, or Backbone developers looking to understand what makes React different
  • Anyone trying to compare JavaScript approaches for a new application and wanting an in-depth understanding of React pros and cons
  • Developers reliant on jQuery or other legacy technologies who want to immerse themselves in modern JavaScript

What Will I Learn?

  • React features and capabilities
  • How to render elements to the browser
  • How to create components and pass data through those components
  • How to build forms and handle events in components
  • Hooks and how they can be used to enhance your React application
  • Hands-on creation of a complete React application with advanced features

Course Topic Outline

Course Topics

Environment Requirements

All Open Source or Free Tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    Your machine must be set up to perform JavaScript development including some type of text editor. This course uses Visual Studio Code which is an open-source, cross-platform editor. However, you can use whatever editor you are comfortable with.

  • Node.js

    The latest version of Node.js must be installed. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment. 

  • Chrome

    A web browser must be installed. When doing React development, we recommend using Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser.

Schedule This Course

This course is offered in various time increments including Five One-Hour Sessions, Two Half-Day Sessions, and One Full-Day Session. You may request an alternate class time or have our instructor travel to your location. To schedule this course on-site or online, please fill out this form: