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JavaScript Consulting Services

Keyhole Software provides expert JavaScript consulting, education, and high-quality software development services for clients across the United States.

Advisory & PoC Services

Strategic analysis & tailored advice for modernizing legacy JavaScript apps—for example, upgrading codebases to use the latest JS features and best practices, and refactoring code to be more maintainable and scalable.

Application Development

Developing custom JavaScript applications, libraries, and frameworks, with extensive experience working with popular JS frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js, and Node.js.

Architecture & Design

Designing scalable and maintainable JavaScript and Single-page Application (SPA) architectures that meet your business requirements.

JavaScript Integration

Integrating JavaScript apps with other systems, services, or frameworks with extensive experience with RESTful APIs, web services, and other techs in the JS ecosystem.

Recent JavaScript Insights

Front-End Frameworks for Enterprise Applications: What Are Your Options?

Selecting the appropriate front-end framework for enterprise applications is a critical decision that impacts not only the development process but also the success and scalability of the application.

In this video, Chief Technology Officer Jaime Niswonger explores the three leading front-end frameworks – Angular, React, and Vue – examining their origins, philosophies, and how they cater to the demands of enterprise-level applications.

Keyhole JavaScript Competencies

Keyhole consultants have experience utilizing a wide variety of JavaScript frameworks. We are tool agnostic, meaning we use the best framework given the unique project parameters.

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Significant experience surrounds React technologies (including React Native), Angular (.js & 2+, including TypeScript), Vue.js, Node.js, vanilla JavaScript, Next,.js, Backbone.js, Ember, and many more.

Recent Projects

Keyhole Software has extensive expertise with development utilizing SPA architectures with JavaScript including technology selection and JavaScript development to teaching your team members how to effectively implement these technologies themselves.

React is a component-based, declarative JavaScript library developed by Facebook.

Keyhole teams work extensively with React to develop performant applications with high levels of code reuse.

React Consulting

React Development Services

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with existing data.

It's a set of tools to replace & augment a traditional REST API. It allows us to solve common issues in a declarative, powerful, and fun way.

GraphQL Mastery

GraphQL Learning Resources