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JavaScript Consulting Services

Keyhole Software is a full-stack application development firm specialized in building enterprise grade software. We use the right tool for the requirements, with specific competencies in a variety of JavaScript frameworks.

Advisory & Consulting Services

Assessment & recommendations for strategic modernization to JavaScript technologies.

Education & Training

Giving your team the tools to develop its own JavaScript applications with lab/lecture hands-on courses.

Framework Selection

Many viable paths exist: React, Angular, Vue.js, to name a few. Our experts can help you choose the right framework for your requirements.

Proof-of-Concept Development

To ensure technology viability for your unique use cases and industry requirements.

Development Project Augmentation

Providing skilled developers to join your initiative and drive results for your team.

Application Enhancement

Adding new features, enhancements, and optimization to existing JavaScript applications.

Recent JavaScript Blogs

Knowledge transfer is a core tenet of Keyhole Software consulting. Therefore, we prolifically author learning resources and utilities to benefit the community at large. We enjoy new technologies and always keep our expertise evolving to determine if new technologies are viable for our clients' needs.

JavaScript Competencies

Keyhole consultants have experience utilizing a wide variety of JavaScript frameworks. We are tool agnostic, meaning we use the best framework given the unique project parameters.

Significant experience surrounds React technologies (including React Native), Angular (.js & 2+, including TypeScript), Vue.js, Node.js, vanilla JavaScript, Backbone.js, Ember, and many more.

React is a component-based, declarative JavaScript library developed by Facebook.

Keyhole teams work extensively with React to develop performant applications with high levels of code reuse.

React Consulting

React Development Services

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with existing data.

It's a set of tools to replace & augment a traditional REST API. It allows us to solve common issues in a declarative, powerful, and fun way.

GraphQL Mastery

GraphQL Learning Resources
GraphQL Keyhole Course

JavaScript Learning Resources

Key Enterprise Considerations

Educational Resources

White Paper

Not sure where to begin? Check out our free white paper discussing single-page applications.

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