White Papers

Keyhole Software consultants work with clients in every business domain. Because of this opportunity, our team members have a unique perspective into what technologies and paradigm shifts are viable for our clients.

Here are a few of our white papers for how we see JavaScript, HTML5, and Microservices affecting the enterprise, and what enterprise developers need to know to be successful in this shift:

Microservices (2)

Predicting the Future of Development: Microservices and SPA

We suggest a decoupled system architecture to provide a smaller surface area of change for applications. Here we discuss implementing Microservices and Single-Page Applications.


Why Node.js?

Key categories for measuring this technology are discussed, including performance, security, scalability, innovation, and support. A recommended approach for “trying out” Node.js at the enterprise level included.


Viability of Enterprise Applications Built With HTML5 and JavaScript

To validate application architecture design patterns & best practices, we rewrote our internal time tracking system. This process provided a platform to explore HTML5’s viability in enterprise IT.


HTML5HTML5 Application Architecture

The frameworks & structures used to implement a rich, client side JavaScript/HTML5-based mobile application.