White Papers

Keyhole Software consultants work with clients in every business domain. Because of this opportunity, our team members have a unique perspective into what technologies and paradigm shifts are viable for our clients.

Here are a few of our white papers for how we see blockchain, microservices, JavaScript, and HTML5 affecting the enterprise, and what enterprise developers need to know to be successful in these shifts:

While Bitcoin is on the minds of the general public worldwide, blockchain is on the minds of information technology professionals. It is the underpinning technology of the powerful and popular cryptocurrency. What exactly is blockchain and how will it help my business? That is what this white paper seeks to answer.

Get More Info: Blockchain For The Enterprise

Microservices is an architectural pattern gaining steam in the development community. In this white paper, we discuss how Microservices came to be, contrasting architecture patterns, features of a Microservices architecture, established patterns, and suggestions for Microservices adoption.

Get More Info: Microservices: Patterns for Enterprise Agility and Scalability

Microservices (2)We suggest a decoupled system architecture to provide a smaller surface area of change for applications. Here we discuss implementing Microservices and Single-Page Applications.

Get More Info: Predicting the Future of Development: Microservices and SPA

Node.jsKey categories for measuring this technology are discussed, including performance, security, scalability, innovation, and support. A recommended approach for “trying out” Node.js at the enterprise level included.

Get More Info: Why Node.js?

HTML5_Black_LogoTo validate application architecture design patterns & best practices, we rewrote our internal time tracking system. This process provided a platform to explore HTML5’s viability in enterprise IT.

Get More Info: Viability of Enterprise Applications Built With HTML5 and JavaScript

HTML5The frameworks & structures used to implement a rich, client side JavaScript/HTML5-based mobile application.

Get More Info: Mobile Application Architecture With HTML5 / JavaScript