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Blockchain For The Enterprise

Introduction to Blockchain Architecture and Its Value to the Enterprise

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White Paper Topics

In this free white paper, we discuss a number of topics related to blockchain. Topics include:

  • What is a Blockchain?
  • Building a Blockchain
  • How Are Blockchains Used?
  • Blockchain vs. Traditional Data Structures
  • Should I Use Blockchain?
  • Blockchain Use Cases
  • Blockchain Platforms & Providers 


While Bitcoin is on the minds of the general public worldwide, blockchain is on the minds of information technology professionals. It is the underpinning technology of the powerful and popular cryptocurrency. What exactly is blockchain and how will it help my business? That is what this white paper seeks to answer.

In the most simple terms, a blockchain is a distributed data system for keeping a ledger of immutable data transactions. We will explore additional complexities through this document, but the simplest way to think of it is a highly distributed transaction log. If you happen to be a developer and you are using Git for source code control, you are already using some of the distributed blockchain elements.

In this white paper, we discuss a number of topics related to blockchain with a particular emphasis on the enterprise. This document will be in three major parts. Part one will include a brief overview and history of blockchain, part two will include a deep technical dive, and the third part is written with the intent to aid managers and executives in their decision making in regards to blockchain.

Code Samples

This white paper includes many technical elements along with code examples. We believe seeing code in action significantly helps developers to understand concepts. For further hands-on learning, we have created two companion projects that each implement blockchain concepts and algorithms that can be executed. Please see the Github companion projects by way of the following links:

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