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Cloud Services

Helping nationwide clients embrace cloud technologies through modernization, migration, and cloud-native development.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

Assessing current status and defining cloud adoption roadmaps, identifying the right cloud services and technologies for specific needs, and optimizing cloud infrastructure for cost-efficiency and performance.

Cloud Migration

Migrating existing apps and infrastructure to popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform using various approaches including lift-and-shift, re-architecting, and re-platforming.

Cloud Native Development

Apps from the ground up using cloud-native technologies and patterns like microservices, containers, & serverless computing for scalable, resilient, and highly available solutions optimized for cloud environments.

Cloud Optimization & Cost Management

This includes monitoring resource utilization, identifying optimization opportunities, and implementing cost-saving measures.

Recent Projects

Keyhole consultants have years of experience developing internal and user-facing applications within different industries and technology stacks. See some recent projects:

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We work with nationwide clients in a variety of industries. Due to our quality, repeat clients are the norm—not the exception.

2/3 projects last year were with repeat clients.

AMC Theatres
Commerce Bank
Nestle Purina
Northwell health

Azure Consulting

There is much to the Azure platform. We can help your enterprise leverage the benefits. See Azure-specific Keyhole Consulting information here:

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AWS Consulting

Amazon Web Services can be the right tool for many. See AWS-specific Keyhole Consulting information here:

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About The Cloud

There are a number of excellent competitors in the cloud computing / PaaS market. Three of the main options include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

Though we are indeed a Microsoft & AWS Partners we are cloud agnostic. At Keyhole Software, we have used all three successfully in many projects.

What is the right fit for you might not be the right fit for other organizations. We can help your team to determine the correct cloud provider for your unique use cases.

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Demystifying Enterprise Cloud Modernization

A Solution-Agnostic Approach for Evaluating Enterprise Cloud Readiness.

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Recent Thought Leadership

Organizations are evolving past their current and legacy infrastructures at rapid paces. Often the impetus is to immediately move “to the cloud” and all the problems will be solved. But unless your organization is truly ready to make that move to the cloud, you will encounter several challenges that may impact success.