Azure Cloud Consulting

Helping clients to strategically migrate to and benefit from Microsoft Azure & the cloud.

What is Azure?

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that provides the building blocks to quickly deploy, manage, and scale cloud-based software solutions. It's flexible; you can build applications using any language, tool, or framework. Plus you can integrate public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

Keyhole Can Help You Embrace Azure

Expert consulting is the core of Keyhole Software. Our expertise spans software architecture, development, and practices to deliver modern cloud-based applications. We have helped our clients in every industry to modernize and can bring that same expert insight and knowledge to your initiative.

Readiness Assessment & Roadmapping

Assessing current status–code, data, infrastructure, team maturity, DevOps–and strategically planning the best path for successful cloud adoption and ROI.

App & Cloud Migration

Modernize legacy and on-prem applications to a cloud platform, choosing the option that bring the most value: lift-and-shift, re-architect, re-platform, or others.

Cloud Solution Application Development

Create and deploy mission-critical web apps and POCs with modern architectures, low maintenance overheads, and scale with your business.

Cloud Education

Teaching your team to be successful with Azure, DevOps, orchestration, and cloud techniques required in a successful implementation.

Enterprise Azure Migration Plan

See key considerations that enterprises need to understand when choosing a modernization path.
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Azure vs. AWS

Learn why more than 86% of Fortune 500 companies have the Microsoft Cloud.
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You Need Azure Experts

Taking an existing application and migrating it to Azure, or any cloud offering, is a serious undertaking. Enterprise applications can power entire business units, so any change to them should be well documented, communicated, and understood.

As stewards of applications whose functionality helps business units make revenue, it is important that every part of the application’s leadership, from the top down, understand what is being proposed when migrating an application to Azure.

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Our Microsoft certified team of Azure experts is ready to help you take your business to the cloud with a solution that will work best for you. We at Keyhole Software help to ensure a seamless, undisrupted transition.

Start The Azure Conversation

Contact the Keyhole Software team and start your transition to Microsoft Azure. We can schedule a free initial project consultation to discuss your cloud needs.

Whether you’re just getting started considering the cloud or you’re already started on the path to modernization, we at Keyhole Software can help you deliver quality cloud solutions.