Avaya Agent for Desktop with React and SignalR

Code Tutorial: Integrating Avaya Agent For Desktop With React And SignalR

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The Keyhole Software Team is proud to announce a new full-length Code Tutorial:

Integrating Avaya Agent for Desktop with React and SignalR

Keyhole Software gives readers an in-depth code walkthrough and tutorial for how to integrate Avaya Agent for Desktop using React and SignalR.

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Code Tutorial Outline

The tutorial is broken down into four key steps. These steps, as well as their substeps, are outlined below.

  1. Avaya Agent for Desktop
  2. Integration Engine API
    1. Setting up the Azure Container Registry and Azure Web App via Terraform
    2. Pushing the Docker image to the Azure Container Registry via GitHub Actions
    3. Creation of the Azure Web App
  3. Azure SignalR Service
  4. Application API and SignalR Hub
    1. Creation of the UI with MSAL
    2. Incorporating MSAL into the Application API
    3. Adding SignalR Hub to the Application API
    4. Integration of Integration Engine with SignalR Hub


This integration allows the web-based application to asynchronously receive information about an inbound call, which enriches agents’ experiences and protects against context switching and double documenting. As for technology, AAfD (Avaya Agent for Desktop) is used as the softphone, React as the library to compose the SPA (Single Page Application), and SignalR as the bi-directional message hub.

The hypothetical scenario in this tutorial can be extended to many other use cases where there needs to be coordination between disparate systems, with an end user’s web browser being informed of the traffic without needing to do any long polling or other methodologies.

Asynchronous data flow is useful to many different business verticles, and SignalR is a powerful tool that will likely become a larger part of the custom Application Development enterprise ecosystem in years to come.

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