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With more than 90 employees and an average tenure of 5+ years, every software developer or operations team member was hand-selected to join the Keyhole Software team.
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Keyhole Software provides high-quality software development services for our clients. But how we do it makes all the difference: a highly technical team focused entirely on software development. In fact, less than 10 people in the entire company are not working directly on software projects.

Personality Fits

All Keyhole employees have a knack for problem-solving and a passion for development. Our consultants are known for being enthusiastic, flexible, realistic, and easy to work with. We work tirelessly in the interview process to get to know a candidate to ensure it's the right fit for all involved.

*Employee* Consultants

At Keyhole, we’re consultants – we work with clients. But we’re all W2 employees. That means that you have a tight-knit, employee-based development team supporting you to succeed no matter your project. When a project ends, you're on to the next project within the company that adds to your skills.

What Employees Say


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Why Choose Keyhole?

Constant Learning

Think that first-day-at-a-new-job feeling every day. Gotta keep up on your game – our clients need you to be a step ahead.

Constant Learning

From project to project, you get exposed to a variety of tech stacks. No more being stymied on one project.



Medical, dental, vision, FSA, life insurance, supplemental coverage, disability coverage, 401(K) with match & more.


This is what you need to take care of your family and we wouldn't allow anything less.


Awesome Team

You’ll collaborate with a tight-knit group of developers passionate about the technology. The Keyhole team rules.

Awesome Team

We get together frequently to talk tech - and have some fun. Join our Homebrewer's Group!


Personal Growth

You have the opportunity to experience every business domain and tech stack. The more you learn, the better dev you become.

Personal Growth

The variety of consulting with the backup of a solid dev team you get to know over multiple projects.



You get to focus on what you love to do – staying in the code, trying new tech, making suggestions, and helping projects succeed.


Your variety of experience makes you an asset to those you assist, so you often get to stay out of the red tape.


Tech Variety

From project to project, you get to work with different technology stacks and keep up with multiple skill sets. The shift is fun.

Tech Variety

Switching stacks allows you to get chops around different tech. Well-rounded developers abound.


The Keyhole team likes working with technologies.

But that's only the beginning of what makes us a team...

We Like To Learn From Our Team

So we get together for Lunch&Learns or Tech Nights every six weeks. One person presents on a technical topic to the group - everyone learns. Plus, food, drinks, and great discussion.
  • TechNight-2

    Zach Gardner presenting at Tech Night on JavaScript Debugging

  • Keyhole Lunch & Learn

  • David Pitt on "The Art and Science of Keyhole Consulting" Lunch & Learn

We Like To Learn From The Community

So we participate in various dev conferences each year, often attending, speaking, and sponsoring. Some of our favorites include Dev Up, Nebraska.Code, and KCDC. Some of our team speak internationally!

  • DevUp Robots

  • Keyhole's Brice McIver speaking at KCDC

  • Adrienne, Keith, Dave at KCDC

    Keyhole Attendees @ KCDC

  • Mat Warger on AWS at KCDC

We Like To Teach

So our folks often participate as speakers at conferences, development user groups, and public Keyhole events. Speakers can test run talks to the team for peer review and constructive feedback!

  • Mat Warger @ JavaScript KC

  • Keyhole's Jaime Niswonger on DevOps @ Public Keyhole Breakfast Boost

We Like Holidays

So we celebrate lots of them, even the silly ones (like National Hot Dog Day) or make our own (like Chip-a-Palooza). Then of course there's Cinco De Mayo, Thanksgiving, Festivus...

  • Annual Keyhole Festivus Lunch

  • Chip-A-Palooza

We Like To Write

So we write white papers, tutorials, and weekly blog post about any topic that we find interesting - 450+ to date. See our employee blog here.

We Like Supporting Charity

So our team gives back to charity organizations each holiday season. We vote to find the charity our team wants to support; Operation Breakthrough for KC kids has been chosen the last few years.

We Like 3D Printing

So we created a 3-D Printing Lab in our office that any of our employees can use.

We Like Family Picnics

So we host an annual family picnic with bounce house, face painting, hamster wheel, and balloon animals!

  • 8-Foot Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Maker

We Like Playing Sports

So we participate in KC Corporate Challenge and Bike MS each year.

  • 2019 Keyhole KCCC Co-Ed Bowling Team

  • Golf Tourney For Charity

  • Keyhole's 5K Team in KCCC 2019

  • Keyhole Team @ BikeMS for Multiple Sclerosis

We Like Fantasy Sports

So we have an annual Fantasy Football Draft and NCAA Bracket Challenge Competition

  • Fantasy Football Draft

We Like Happy Hours

So we created the Keyhole Homebrew Group and often have company happy hours.

  • Happy Hour @ Smitty's Garage

  • 20140605_171407

    Happy Hour @ KC Bier Co

  • Happy Hour @ Tomfooleries

Benefits Quick Look

  • Employees select between three Cigna Medical coverage plan options including two "traditional" medical plans and one high-deductible plan with Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Dental insurance through Delta Dental.
  • Vision insurance through VSP.


This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

Key Takeaways

The Team: The Keyhole company culture is tight-knit, team-based, and focuses on long-term professional growth. We ask questions, share expertise, and seek to truly help our clients. Just as much as being able to do the job is important, being on board with the Keyhole culture is something we value in any applicant.

The Dev Variety: The Keyhole team is diverse in interests, but all of us are developers. We love to learn, keep our hands in the code always, and take on new challenges every day. You’ll likely never be bored – every client project is different & provides its own challenges from a technical perspective. We get to touch some cool technologies and utilize them in new ways that make our clients successful.