Technology Consulting

Keyhole Software offers technology consulting services for companies of all sizes, providing customized solutions to meet business objectives.

Our team members are versatile. From leading IT initiatives for strategic technology direction shifts to getting into the debugger, we do whatever it takes to complete development objectives seamlessly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on the fact that we love to solve the most difficult technical challenges with creativity and our team’s wide knowledge base.

We Can Help With

  • Custom application design, development, and enhancement with Java, JavaScript, and .NET technologies
  • Single-page application consulting, including technology selection and enterprise adoption initiatives
  • Custom lab and lecture courses designed to quickly get your team up-to-speed on new and emerging technologies like Backbone.js. See some of our free technical resources here.
  • Mentoring and player coaching of technologies, processes, and development methodologies
  • Architectural reviews and recommendations for software best practices and technology adoption
  • Customization and integration of third-party and open source solutions like Spring, Spring Batch, Maven, and Apache/Tomcat
  • A plethora of other things. Reach out and ask us to help!

Keys To Our Consulting Success

Our Expertise. We have deep domain expertise in software development solutions that strongly differentiate our team. Our consultants bring years of experience delivering development solutions to clients in every business domain. Our experience and emphasis on quality is apparent in every single project, which is why our clients frequently ask us back for multiple engagements.

Our Team. Our employees are hand-selected not just on an ability to “wow” us with superb technical abilities, but on mindset. We value innovation, wit, and an internal urgency to do things the right way, the first time. Highly selective in our hiring practices, a passion for technology unifies us – and our clients feel the benefits.