Blockchain Consulting

Helping clients to understand and benefit from blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed data system for keeping a ledger of immutable data transactions. It's innovative as it solves a complex distributed programming problem - providing efficiencies in the way data is shared autonomously.


Helping Clients Embrace Blockchain

Our blockchain expertise spans strategic assessment and enterprise road mapping, enterprise proofs-of-concept, blockchain development and implementation, and the education that your team needs to actualize the benefits from this technology. We have helped our clients in every industry to modernize and can bring that same expert insight and knowledge to your initiative.

Readiness Assessment & Roadmap

Assessing blockchain needs—private, permissioned vs. public, for instance--and strategically planning the best path for successful blockchain adoption and ROI.

Proof-of-Concept and Development

Create, configure, and deploy a IBM Hyperledger blockchain that provide business value to your business.

Orderer and Peer Node Governance and Stability

Ensuring your public or permissioned blockchain provides the stability your enterprise requires.

Blockchain Education

Teaching your team to be successful with blockchain, Hyperledger, and other techniques required in a successful implementation.

Blockchain in Hyperledger: Better Than ETL?

See a technical walkthrough of a Keyhole Hyperledger Fabric blockchain with a focus on potential enterprise value.
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White Paper

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology and what benefits it can bring to your industry.
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Byzantine Tools For Blockchain

The Keyhole team has also crafted Byzantine Tools, a series of open-source tools designed specifically for use with blockchain technologies. These handy frameworks provide solutions for your blockchain-related needs.

Byzantine Browser

Analytics tool for real-time visibility into transactions and blocks as they are added

Keyhole Fabric API Gateway

Access Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Networks and their data with this API gateway implementation

Byzantine Config

Update a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain by producing a config buffer file

Keyhole Virus Tracker

Track viruses (like COVID-19) across the country with this Hyperledger Fabric reference application

You Need Blockchain Experts

Understand Its Best Use

The blockchain buzz is extraordinarily high. While blockchain does have its benefits, it makes your annual budget ripe for the picking if you aren’t educating yourself on the underlying technology. After all, while blockchain is secure, it is also incredibly computationally-heavy.

From a business perspective, we strongly encourage due diligence in having your technical teams understand the inner workings, algorithms, and protocols of blockchain prior to moving forward just because of the hype.

Choose The Right Solutions

Keyhole Software has particular expertise surrounding Hyperledger, an open source, permissioned blockchain foundation protocol for enterprise use. It was created by a Hyperledger Consortium under the backing of the Linux Foundation and led by a number of industry players including IBM and Digital Asset Holdings.

It is data and application agnostic, with industry leaders representing finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chain, manufacturing, and technology. It is often a good place to start for our clients' blockchain needs.

Recent Keyhole Blockchain Projects

  • Byzantine Browser

    Open source tool that allows users to browse blockchain data while providing real-time analytics of the transactions and executions. See it on Github.

  • Java Blockchain Reference Implementation

    This repository contains an example of a blockchain without a specific vendor written in Java. See it on Github.

  • C# Blockchain Reference Implementation

    This repository contains an example of a blockchain without a specific vendor in C#. See it on Github.