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[Video] A Timely & Relevant Blockchain Use Case: Tracking COVID-19 Patient Testing Data

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Attention: The following article was published over 4 years ago, and the information provided may be aged or outdated. Please keep that in mind as you read the post.

Recording Details

This 55-minute video features Keyhole Principle Consultant David Pitt in May 2020 at the Hyperledger KC User Group sponsored by Keyhole Software. Copyright Keyhole Software, 2020. He discusses how blockchain might be used in healthcare – specifically in regards to COVID19.

Hyperledger Fabric is a general-purpose blockchain framework that allows groups and consortiums to share data securely and with providence. Hyperledger Fabric has Java, Go, and Node.js SDKs that allow client applications to interact with an HLF network.

While you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer, understanding basic programming concepts will be helpful in understanding the subject matter.

Video Abstract

There are many viable use cases for blockchain technology, specifically in the healthcare industry. In these strange and unsettling times, another one has unfortunately emerged: the tracking and dissemination of patient testing data amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this video, Keyhole Software’s David Pitt discusses how blockchain technology offers a solution to the specific problem of sharing secure and up-to-date patient testing data. Pitt describes a HIPAA-compliant, blockchain solution and implementation for an efficient, near real-time single source of truth of lab results, the Keyhole Virus Tracker.

The blockchain implementation discussed in this meetup recording has been released as open-source software, with all code available on Github. Learn more about the Keyhole Virus Tracker by visiting its product page here

This recorded Hyperledger KC User Group is based on a white paper, Tracking Lab Results Better With Blockchain Technology, recently published by Keyhole Software. You can view and download the white paper free with no sign-up required.

Topics & Timing

Welcome, Speaker Introduction, and Introduction to the Topic

  • 3:14-15:18: Making the Case for Blockchain: Why Use Blockchain?
    • 4:50: Another Use Case Example: Supply Chain
    • 7:20: Blockchain vs. A Centralized Approach.
  • 15:18-23:55: Blockchain Concepts
    • 15:18: Immutability
    • 17:07: Hashing
    • 19:27: Providence and Trust
  • 23:55: Traditional Lab Result Sharing vs. Lab Result Sharing with Blockchain
  • 29:35: Open-Source, Fabric Implementation of a Blockchain Solution to the Secure and Up-To-Date Sharing of Lab Results
  • 39:56: The Implementation in Action
  • 42:05: Finding the Implementation on Github
  • 43:27: Q&A

Hyperledger User Group

The Hyperledger Kansas City Meetup group discusses all topics related to Hyperledger blockchains. The group seeks to provide an opportunity for Kansas City professionals to network with others who are interested in or working with, Hyperledger blockchain networks.

Make sure to join the Hyperledger Kansas City Meetup Group to ensure you receive invitations to all upcoming blockchain events. All Kansas City Hyperledger meetup events will free to attend and will be held at the Keyhole Software office in Lenexa, Kansas.

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