Using Blockchain to Track Lab Results

White Paper: Tracking Lab Results Better With Blockchain Technology

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The Keyhole team is proud to announce the publishing of a new white paper: Tracking Lab Results Better with Blockchain Technology.

There are many viable use cases for blockchain technology. In these strange and unsettling times, another one has unfortunately emerged: using blockchain to track and disseminate lab results and patient testing data amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The healthcare industry has long struggled with the secure sharing of data. For a variety of reasons, healthcare leaders and experts agree that developing an integrated database to circulate health records and data is important to the future of the industry. However, as we see with the patient testing data, finding a way to securely store and share immutable, standardized data has proved to be a massive challenge.

As this white paper will discuss, blockchain technology offers a solution to the specific problem of sharing secure and up-to-date patient testing data. This paper describes a HIPAA-compliant blockchain solution and implementation for an efficient, near real-time single source of truth of lab results. The blockchain implementation will be compared to a traditional data-sharing model and analyzed for its features that directly benefit the virus lab result tracking use case. 

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White Paper Topics

In this free white paper, we discuss a number of topics related to blockchain. Topics include:

  • Why Blockchain?
  • Traditional ETL Data Sharing vs. Blockchain Data Sharing
  • Key Blockchain Concepts
    • Block Structure
    • Blockchain Consensus
    • Governance
    • Privacy and Compliance
  • Blockchain to Track Lab Results: Virus Tracker Blockchain Walkthrough
    • Interacting with the Virus Tracker
    • The Network
    • Governance
    • Client Access
  • Open-Source Implementation

Open-Source Implementation

The blockchain implementation discussed in this white paper has been released as open-source software, with all code available on Github. Learn more about the Keyhole Virus Tracker by visiting its product page here

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