Mobile Solutions

Keyhole Software’s mobile development team has immense expertise in mobile application strategy and development. We understand that mobile applications give strategic advantages to a business, allowing an organization to generate new revenue streams, reach more customers, increase business efficiency, and reduce operating costs, and we want to help your organization harness these benefits.

Mobile Application Development Services Include

  • iPhone Development
  • iPad and Other Tablet Development
  • Android Development
  • JavaScript/HTML5-based Application Development
  • Web-based Mobile Applications

Our extensive knowledge helps us in both designing high performance applications to suit specific wireless platforms, as well as designing efficient applications to assist with fast porting to various platforms and handsets.

We have the expertise to make your mobile development strategies a reality. Our team assists from strategic planning and requirements analysis, project architecture and design, application development, deployment, and post-release maintenance.

Cross-Platform User Interfaces

Many recent projects have been using a cross-platform responsive design implemented using HTML5/CSS and JavaScript. If native is required, we typically suggest a native/hybrid approach, where the UI and application logic are developed using HTML5/JavaScript elements, that will be compiled and built to a native binary, which can be installed through the platforms provisioning system.

The advantage of a native/hybrid approach is that the same source code implementation will support other native tablet devices (think code and time saved). The UI look and feel can be customized to meet user experience requirements and device specifications, but code reuse is still present.