Modernizing The Enterprise

There comes a time that even your most mission-critical systems must be modernized. That change is often it is accompanied by fear in enterprise-level organizations. We at Keyhole Software help companies move forward in technology, while also providing educational and hands-on support to ensure project success.

We help clients move on from to modern approaches.

Keyhole Software provides the expertise to assist companies in the modernization of legacy systems in a cost-effective and incremental way.

Modernization Opportunities

Keyhole Software approaches these opportunities by identifying technologies, modern architectures, development methodologies, productivity tools, and open source solutions that best fit your organization’s needs. The goal is to reduce maintenance and redeploy resources to develop new software solutions for your organization to achieve greater value from your IT investments going forward.

Since the early 2000s, web-based, object-oriented application development has been largely successful, but at the cost of agility. Applications have been produced that are large and hard to maintain or enhance. Breaking these monoliths up into smaller, more nimble, isolated features can improve scalability, reusability, and lifespan, or at least give the ability to adapt to change.
Leverage modern HTML5/CSS technologies and design principles to help organizations create responsive modern application user interfaces for all devices.
Legacy mainframe applications both online and batch can be moved to modern, distributed online and batch environments.

This can be done using modern cloud-based application platforms, from Windows, to Unix/Linux, to the cloud.

We have helped organization accomplish this in numerous ways from performing green field rewrites to employing code generation mechanisms.

Plugin Prohibition for the browser is here. Various browsers are in the process of phasing out the support and availability of plugins. Web applications currently implemented with Flash, Flex, plugins, and other outdated plugin technologies will cease to perform once this transformation is complete. Businesses need to act now to modernize.

Many enterprise companies have outdated applications currently in use that are implemented with outdated technology: plugins, Adobe Flex, Flash, Applets, Silverlight, and others.

Typical Modernization Approach

Analysis & Assessment

We analyze current application architecture, tooling, and environments to assess state. This can include interviews with members of your technical team to highlight any architectural constraints, overall understanding of current practices, blockers, etc.

Keyhole will produce a document with identified findings, including a summary of suggestive approaches that can deliver the most value to the organization with the best path for modernization.

Strategic Modernization Planning

Using the Assessment document, Keyhole Software works with your team to help estimate and establish an incremental modernization plan to fit within established budgets.

Educational Component

When a change is made, current development personnel must be educated to be successful within the new constraints. Keyhole Software establishes access to a Knowledge Transfer Portal for your team.

This portal includes instructor-led and self-guided education content. This how-to knowledge base for your team assists in getting personnel up-to-speed on the new approach.

See Popular Courses

We teach every technology we work in.

Keyhole Software also provides educational services: lab/lecture courses, informal hands-on exercises, and one-on-one mentoring. Courseware uses our hands-on experience to help your team avoid pitfalls in adoption.

Architecture Elaboration and Implementation

Keyhole Principal Consultants follow the modernization plan. Keyhole helps put in place system DevOps and SDLC mechanisms for building, testing, and deployment, in addition to architectural frameworks and tools. Additional services are provided as needed.