Enterprise Application Modernization

There comes a time that even your most mission-critical systems must be modernized. We help companies move forward in technology, while also providing the educational and hands-on support to ensure project success.

Application Modernization Consulting

While these are not all inclusive, here are a few areas of particular expertise:

Cloud Platforms

Helping enterprise applications migrate to, and leverage the benefits of, cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Learn More.

Microservices Architecture

Helping clients “break down” monolithic application into small, modular pieces that have the freedom to act independently and responsibly. Learn More.

Single-Page Applications & JavaScript

From technology selection and adoption, to adapting current data and business logic to this new architectural approach, to teaching your team how to effectively implement these technologies. Learn More.

Mainframe Modernization

Conversion of legacy batch and online applications to a modern distributed computing environment, including software planning, design, implementation, and coaching strategies to minimize risk. Learn More.

Modernization Opportunities


Writeup: Transforming A COBOL App To Java.

Typical Modernization Approach

Though every project is a custom engagement, we have a generalized path for taking our clients through successful modernization. We help companies at every step, whether you are just now looking into modernization options, or are in the middle of your modernization efforts and need sharp implementers.

Analysis & Assessment

We analyze current application architecture, tooling, and environments. This can include interviews with members of your technical team to highlight architectural constraints, current practices, and blockers.

Keyhole will produce a document with identified findings, including a summary of suggestive approaches that can deliver the most value to the organization.


Strategic Modernization Planning

Using the Assessment document, Keyhole Software works with your team to help estimate and establish an incremental modernization plan to fit within established budgets.

A number of paths can be chosen, depending upon the goals and budget. Whether the best path is a rewrite to modern technologies (like SPA, Java or .NET), code transformation, migration from proprietary solutions (like WebSphere) to open source or cloud, or other approach, our consultants work with your team directly to plan successfully.

Educational Component

Current development personnel must be educated to be successful with new approaches. Keyhole Software establishes access to a Knowledge Transfer Portal GrokOla for your team with instructor-led and self-guided education content.

Educational services include: lab/lecture courses, informal hands-on exercises, and one-on-one mentoring. Courseware uses our hands-on experience to help your team avoid pitfalls in adoption.

Popular Courses

We teach every technology we work in.


Architecture Elaboration and Strategic Plan Implementation

Keyhole Principal Consultants follow the modernization plan. Keyhole helps put in place automated DevOps and SDLC mechanisms for building, testing, and deployment, in addition to architectural frameworks and tools.

Additional services are provided as needed. The goal is to leave your team in control of your modern application with the education and experience to be successful – whatever it takes to do so.

Let’s Talk About Your Modernization Needs

Why Partner With Keyhole?

Our experts are uniquely positioned to help our clients modernize to forward-thinking approaches.

Over many years, our expert consultants have established our company as thoughtleaders in software development. Our teams have assisted companies is nearly every business industry with modernization initiatives. Capabilities span architectural assessment, roadmap guidance, software development, and education.