Application Rewrite: Proprietary, No-Code Design Tool

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Keyhole consultants assisted the client with a proprietary designer platform for end users. This tool enables a non-programmer to create a form-based web application without using code—simply by dragging UI elements onto a form page. The form contains pages that have UI elements, each element with associated properties that are interactive at design time. Each element has behaviors that impart program logic to the form. The tool user interacts with those artifacts by dragging and dropping elements, drawing behavior or workflow connections, modifying properties, and then saving the form, as XML, to a server. A web-based player interprets the form XML to serve it to an end-user as a web application.

Proof-of-Concept: Hospital Call Center App with C# and Web API

Keyhole Software .NET, JavaScript, Proof-of-Concept

A team of Keyhole Software consultants worked with one of the largest healthcare providers on the east coast to develop a proof-of-concept application for the network’s call center.

The proof-of-concept was for an application that displayed a list of the call center’s patient calls. The goal was to create a web user interface that used the Kendo Grid for displaying a list of calls and integrated well with the client’s business process management (BPM) service.

The application interfaced with the client’s BPM service responsible for creating and managing the lifecycle of calls. The finished application allowed a user to search from a list of available calls, choose a patient to call, indicate the call has started, and then complete the call with some information.