Strategic Assessment & Modernization Initiatives with React and IaC

Lauren Fournier Application Rewrite, Cloud, IT Strategy, JavaScript, Proof-of-Concept, React

Keyhole Software played a pivotal role in orchestrating a holistic modernization initiative for a client in the business finance software sector. The journey commenced with a comprehensive architectural assessment led by experienced consultants, laying out a strategic roadmap for the incremental migration from a legacy Ember.js front-end and Rails-based monolithic architecture to a more dynamic microservices architecture, coupled with a …

Cloud Native & Microservices Readiness Assessment

Lauren Fournier Application Rewrite, IT Strategy, Modernization

The project included an assessment of an existing monolithic application and recommendations for modernizing it to achieve the goals of the initiative—mainly a cloud-first, performant, and microservices-based implementation. Specific technology suggestions were proposed in addition to the reasoning behind each recommendation. While proprietary details cannot be shared, generalized takeaways are included. Client Consulting Relationship The client was a global leader …

Modernization: AngularJS to Vue + Bootstrap

Gena Cockrell Angular, Application Rewrite, Modernization, Vue

Project Overview A team of Keyhole consultants was brought in to help a client, a global provider of electronic payment services, with modernizing an Angular.js web interface tool used to view money transfers across all its subsidiaries. The tool is primarily used to detect fraudulent transactions or suspicious activity such as money laundering. Specific Technologies Angular.JS Vue Bootstrap Docker MySQL …

Application Rewrite

Modernization: ReactJS, Python, AWS, & GraphQL

Shaylee Webb Application Rewrite, Cloud, Modernization, React

A team of Keyhole Consultants was brought in to help a client in the healthcare insurance space with a rewrite of their existing, proprietary application used to manage workers’ compensation claims. The Keyhole team worked with the client’s development team to shift the application from dated technologies to more modern, efficient tools and frameworks. The technical assistance, guidance, and team …

Application Rewrite: Proprietary, No-Code Design Tool

Shaylee Webb Application Rewrite, Design, JavaScript

Keyhole consultants assisted the client with a proprietary designer platform for end users. This tool enables a non-programmer to create a form-based web application without using code—simply by dragging UI elements onto a form page. The form contains pages that have UI elements, each element with associated properties that are interactive at design time. Each element has behaviors that impart program logic to the form. The tool user interacts with those artifacts by dragging and dropping elements, drawing behavior or workflow connections, modifying properties, and then saving the form, as XML, to a server. A web-based player interprets the form XML to serve it to an end-user as a web application.