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Angular.js Transformation Services

Angular.js was one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available in the early 2010s. As of 2022, Angular.js has officially reached its End Of Life. This leaves companies with existing Angular.js implementations wondering how to navigate the transition from Angular.js. Keyhole Software can help.

Advisory & PoC Services

In-depth analysis & tailored advice for modernizing legacy Angular.js applications strategically to leverage the benefits of new technologies without affecting business velocity.

Framework Selection

Many viable paths exist: React, Angular, Vue.js, to name a few. Our experts can help you choose the right framework for your requirements.

Architecture & Design

Designing custom scalable and maintainable JavaScript-based applications that meet your business requirements.

Project Augmentation

Providing skilled developers to lead or augment your Angular.js modernization initiative and drive results for your team.

Recent Projects

Angular.js was a popular framework for nearly 6 years—during which, Keyhole Consultants helped our clients to understand and embrace Angular.js and JavaScript in the enterprise.

Over many years, our expert consultants have established our company as thought leaders. Our teams have assisted companies in nearly every business industry with modernization initiatives. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients modernize to forward-thinking approaches.

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Recent Thought Leadership

Knowledge transfer is a core tenet of Keyhole Software consulting. Therefore, we prolifically author learning resources and utilities to benefit the community at large. We enjoy new technologies and always keep our expertise evolving to determine if new technologies are viable for our clients' needs.


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It was the age of jQuery. Several frameworks (including Angular.js) came in with a revolutionary new idea - MVC architecture was clever, and manual DOM manipulation was done.

It was a massive leap forward in "enterprise" JavaScript. Backed by Google, Angular.js offered a slew of features that made it easy to select in a sea of JavaScript frameworks, including dependency injection, two-way data binding, and a single-page approach.


Angular 2 was released - completely re-engineered and incompatible with Angular.js. Despite it retaining the name, Angular 2 was a brand-new framework with little in common, including a number of breaking architectural changes that made porting the old code to the new one nearly impossible.

Angular.js was still supported while releases from Angular 2 to its current v8, brought additional updates to a current ecosystem of millions of developers.


In January 2018, Google laid out plans for the final releases of Angular.js before entering long-term support.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google later extended the long-term support until December 31, 2021.


Angular.js is no longer supported. Organizations with Angular.js applications must begin planning how to move away from Angular.js.

Unfortunate Reality

At any time, a new Angular.js security vulnerability could be discovered that requires prompt patching—no longer provided by Angular.js. Likewise, updates to Angular.js could be required to fix incompatibilities with new browser versions or with other frameworks.

Project Highlight


Angular.js To Vue.js Transformation

Client: Global Provider of Electronic Payment Services

Keyhole Consultants assisted in modernizing an Angular.js web interface tool used to view money transfers across all its subsidiaries. The tool is primarily used to detect fraudulent transactions or suspicious activity such as money laundering.

Keyhole performed the front-end rewrite. The web application was in Angular 1.8. Keyhole Consultants successfully upgraded it to Vue.js 3 and Bootstrap 5.

The front-end ran locally on a Docker container while the backend was in PHP 7 with a MySQL database. Several third-party APIs were also integrated and called to retrieve all the payment data displayed throughout the interface.

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JavaScript Competencies

Keyhole consultants have experience utilizing a wide variety of JavaScript frameworks. We are tool agnostic, meaning we use the best framework given the unique project parameters.

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Significant experience surrounds React technologies (including React Native), Angular (.js & 2+, including TypeScript), Vue.js, Node.js, Next.js, vanilla JavaScript, and many more.