Angular 16: What's new?

What’s New in Angular 16?

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The Angular framework has been one of the most popular choices for web developers over the years. Angular brings exciting updates and improvements to enhance developer productivity and user experience with the latest update.

In this post, we will briefly explore the new features and improvements introduced in Angular 16.

Improvements to Ivy Renderer

Angular 16 continues to improve upon the Ivy Renderer, first introduced in Angular 9. Angular 16 optimizes the compilation process, which greatly speeds up runtime overhead and the build process. Apps will now startup much faster and feel more responsive to the user.

Better CLI

Angular 16 has improved the CLI (Command Line Interface) with the latest release. The CLI has better code generation capabilities, making it easier to generate components, modules, services, and other angular features on the fly.

The CLI also now has better support for setting up configuration and customization.

Forms Updates

Reactive forms have received many improvements. Complex form scenarios will be easier to write and handle. Developers can now add or remove form controls dynamically at runtime. Also, validating forms will be easier and simplified with improved validators.

Additions to Angular Material

Angular Material, the main Material Design library for Angular, has received a handful of updates. This library features new components, such as virtual scrolling and better accessibility features.

Another new interesting component is Design Tokens. Design Tokens allow for style values to be stored and used across the app.

Improved Developer Tools

Angular 16 focuses on improving the developer experience. The Angular Language Service, used by code editors, now has better auto-completion and real-time error highlighting and allows for easier navigation throughout the project.

Angular Signals

Lastly, Angular 16 brings a new feature, Signals. Signals allow you to define reactive values and express dependencies between them.

A whole blog post could be written about Signals in and of itself. For the sake of brevity, however, all you need to know is that runtime and change detection is more efficient. Other libraries such as Zone.js are no longer required.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Angular 16 brings several exciting new features and enhancements to the Angular framework. Angular continues to evolve and bring a better developer experience to the table.

With Angular 16, applications will run faster and development will be a much smoother experience. For more information and further changes check out the excellent documentation put together by the Angular team here.

As always, head on over to the Keyhole Dev Blog for more content on Angular and beyond.

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