Multi-Dimensional Enterprise Architecture Transformation

Lauren Fournier Angular, Cloud, Education, IT Strategy, Java, JavaScript, Modernization

Keyhole Software played a crucial role in driving a comprehensive enterprise transformation at a government entity responsible for the oversight of agriculture and related programs. The highly-skilled Keyhole team focused on architectural enhancements, containerization, modernization, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to elevate the development practices. Key Achievements Containerization and Cloud Migration: Led by an expert Keyhole Software architect, the …

Cybersecurity Reporting Microservice Application with Java

Gena Cockrell Application Enhancement, Java, Microservices

Client Snapshot: The client is a cybersecurity-as-a-service company offering a proprietary security platform with best-in-class automated compliance software and concierge consulting. Project Overview A team of Keyhole Consultants developed an automated aggregator and generator for a Cybersecurity client’s security assessment reports. These reports were the culmination of several days’ worth of an analyst’s evaluation efforts, requiring hours of manually reviewing, …

Application Rewrite

Modernization: ReactJS, Python, AWS, & GraphQL

Shaylee Webb Application Rewrite, Cloud, Modernization, React

A team of Keyhole Consultants was brought in to help a client in the healthcare insurance space with a rewrite of their existing, proprietary application used to manage workers’ compensation claims. The Keyhole team worked with the client’s development team to shift the application from dated technologies to more modern, efficient tools and frameworks. The technical assistance, guidance, and team …