KHS Guitar Tuner Pro: New Release

KeyholeSoftware.Dev Releases Mobile KHS Guitar Tuner Pro

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The team is proud to announce the launch of a new mobile application, a cross-platform Flutter app that assists guitarists with a variety of different tuning setups called KHS Guitar Tuner Pro. With its versatile features and user-friendly interface, this application is a vital tool for musicians of all skill levels.

The Flutter-based, mobile application is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download it and begin using the tool for free today.

Download for iOS Download for Android

KHS Guitar Tuner Pro Functionality and Overview

KHS Guitar Tuner Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tuning options catering to the diverse needs of guitar players. The application utilizes the device’s microphone to capture incoming audio, providing a visual indicator of the played pitch. This visual empowers users to fine-tune their guitar strings effectively.

Jake Everhart, a senior full-stack Keyhole Software consultant, played a significant role in developing the application.

“KHS Guitar Tuner Pro is the ultimate app for guitarists seeking precise tuning and effective practice sessions,” Jake said. “We are thrilled to offer a versatile app that combines accuracy, functionality, and ease of use.”

In addition to the tuning functionality, the new application also features a versatile metronome. Users can customize the time signature and tempo according to their practice needs. The app plays an audible tick and visually emphasizes each beat, enabling musicians to develop their sense of rhythm and timing.

Technical Details

KHS Guitar Tuner Pro was built using Flutter, a powerful software development toolkit based on the Dart programming language. This allows for seamless deployment of the app on both Android and iOS platforms, providing a consistent user experience. The application’s architecture follows the Bloc design pattern, ensuring efficient code organization and maintainability. Bloc is a state management library prioritizing the separation of an application’s business logic from its presentation layer.

More information about the application including details about how it was created can be found in our recent case study.

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