KeyholeSoftware.Dev Releases Mobile CFSWater App

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The KeyholeSoftware.Dev team is proud to announce the release of the mobile CFSWater application. The cross-platform mobile app is now available for free, in both the app store and the google play store for iOS and Android devices.

CFS Water is a mobile application that reports scheduled and current water release and power generations for the following Army Corp of Engineer Tailwaters:

  • Bull Shoals, AR
  • Tablerock, MO
  • Norfolk, AR
  • Greers Ferry, AR
  • Beaver, AR

Please note: These reported water levels are subject to change and may not honor estimated schedules.

Download for iOS


Download for Android


CFSWater is also available as a free text message tool to access current conditions for tailwaters and streams using Corps of Engineers and USGS data. For more information, visit the KHS{Convo} website or check out other Keyhole Creations at

Technical Information

The mobile application was developed by a team of Keyhole Software consultants using Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI development kit that helps to build, test, and deploy cross-platform applications from a single codebase.

Written in Dart, flutter applications are built using widgets. Similar to React components, widgets describe a piece of application logic and provide element structure and separation.

The team used an API for retrieving scheduled and current water generation information and scraped data from a Core of Engineer reservoir Dam site. ​​The data is scraped from those websites through our KHS{Convo} application framework, with endpoints hosted on Heroku.

The KHS{Convo} application framework was built by the Keyhole Dev Team. It is designed as a customizable, Node-based server API, utilizing Twilio for SMS support. As both a conversation programming API and finite state machine algorithm, KHS{Convo} simplifies the conversational experience, making it easy to program mobile, SMS-based engagement with dynamic content.

As far as functionality, the app reports scheduled and current water release and power generations for Army Corp and Engineer tailwaters and streams in the midwest region. These tailwaters include Beaver Lake, Tablerock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, Norfolk, and Greers Ferry.

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