Viability of Enterprise Applications Built with HTML5 & JavaScript

In the development community, the excitement surrounding HTML5 is vibrant. But excitement about use of a new tool means little to enterprise-level IT organizations if it is not viable for their uses.

Keyhole Software has had recent engagements that involve applying HTML5 technology. In order to validate architecture design patterns and best practices in this area, we rewrote our existing time tracking system using these technologies. This process provided a platform to explore the viability of HTML5 for enterprise use.

The time tracking system discussed in this white paper has common functionality that an enterprise development team will encounter, including authentication, reporting, dependency management, and unit testing. The legacy system was implemented as Java portlets deployed to a Liferay portal. The new application was built with an HMTL5-based front end that accesses server side Java APIs. This white paper will walk through how we architected and built this application to best fit enterprise needs, while using HTML5/JavaScript.

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