JavaScript Essentials

Responsive DesignSPA architectures allow for rich, responsive application UIs. Developers need an understanding of JavaScript language features to take advantage.

If you’ve been developing enterprise web applications, it’s likely that you have applied JavaScript in some fashion – probably to validate user input with a JavaScript function that validates a form control, manipulate an HTML document object model (DOM) for a user interface effect, or even to use AJAX to access the server to eliminate a page refresh. Single Page Application architectures allow rich, responsive application user interfaces to be developed. There are many frameworks and approaches available, excluding plug-in technologies, that are JavaScript-based. This means that developers need a deeper understanding of the JavaScript language features.

This tutorial assumes you have programming experience in a traditional object oriented language like Java or C#, and introduces features of JavaScript that allows it to be a general purpose programming language. You may be surprised by its expressiveness and object oriented capabilities.

This tutorial covers:

  • JavaScript Execution Environment
  • The structure of the JavaScript language
  • The importance of Objects
  • Functions and Closures
  • AJAX

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