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White Paper

COBOL Modernization Strategy with Spring Batch

In this free white paper, Keyhole Software positions Spring Batch as an irresistible proposition for organizations ready to bid farewell to their COBOL legacy. 

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White Paper Topics

Keyhole Software offers guiding principles for COBOL modernization, specifically in batch processing, proposing a strategy with Spring Batch. This paper provides a comprehensive guide based on tangible experience for enterprises navigating the realm of COBOL modernization. 

Key topics include:

  • The complexities associated with COBOL and how Spring Batch emerges as a compelling solution.
  • The features that make it the preferred choice for batch processing applications, including how it facilitates the automation of large-scale data processing tasks.
  • How rewriting applications from scratch using the suggested approach is a better business decision than using code generation tools.
  • How integrating advanced AI tools, such as ChatGPT or large language models (LLMs), emerges as a transformative factor. 

This white paper navigates through the intricacies of modern batch processing, focusing on the paradigm-shifting capabilities of Spring Batch within the Java ecosystem and its role in rewriting COBOL batch programs.

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Spring Batch Authority

Keyhole Software has been a trusted source for Spring Batch insights since 2012 [See educational articles & blogs].

Our team frequently assists enterprise organizations in modernizing batch applications. Recently, our consultants successfully rewrote over 30 years of COBOL-based batch programs using the Spring Batch framework for a prominent financial institution in the Kansas City area.

Discover more about our Batch expertise and how we can support your mainframe or COBOL modernization journey.