Getting Started

with JHipster

This learning series takes an in-depth look at a powerful tool: JHipster. Much like the Ruby on Rails (or Grails) approach, JHipster allows you to get your applications up and running quickly and efficiently. This collection of blog posts discusses the pros and cons of the monolithic approach, walks you through the process of settin up a microservices architecture using JHipster, and finally, gives tips and tricks to help you get up to speed.


Part One

We give an overview and define the basics of JHipster. Then, we dive into the series by first discussing taking the tried-and-true monolithic route.

Part Two

This post veers off the beaten path of monoliths and walks you through creating a microservice app with JHipster. Strap in, this gets intense.

Part Three

We share tips and tricks to help make your "getting-up-to-speed" process with JHipster faster. These "gotchas" are bound make development much easier.

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Matt McCandless

Matt McCandless is a developer based in Wichita, KS. He is married to his wife Melissa of 17 years and has 5 kids. Currently developing in Java working with AWS SNS, Matt has experience in Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Perl, and other various languages. Previous projects include BackboneJS, jQuery, Java, Hibernate, React, MongoDB, and WebSockets. He spends a lot of his spare time with the kids and spending time outside, occasionally running a 5k here and there to keep himself in shape.