Solid JavaScript


This 6-part blog series presents a detailed exploration into why and how specific web applications are built. The following articles include a variety of topics ranging from basic how-to concepts, to more in-depth theoretical concepts, to general overviews, to technical deep dives into very specific features of the applications.

In a nutshell, this is a collection of articles focused on a specific application: a JavaScript-based suite of single-page applications optimized for use in a microservices environment.


Part One

Introduction to JavaScript Applications

We set the stage for the series by introducing and explaining the overall design and structure of the application.

Part Two

Navigation​ Setup with Node + Express

We dive a little deeper into the application and discuss the why and how of its navigation setup.

Part Three

Using Node​ and Markdown​ + the Package Showdown

We explore the Handlebars pages and find out how we’re getting content into pages when they’re being rendered by the server.

Part Four

Adding Smaller SPAs to An Existing Application

We discuss the philosophy behind single-page-applications and teach you how to add one to your applications.

Part Five

Div​ing into the Vue.js SPA

A small side-step to talk about Vue.js. Specifically, we focus on how Vue.js components are added and how this routing is completed within an SPA.

Part Six

Node + Express for a ​S​imple ​S​ecurity ​M​odel

We walk through the process of adding a simple security model to the application, which brings a number of helpful features.

About the Author
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Chris Berry

Chris is a Consultant at Keyhole with a focus on .NET and JavaScript technologies. He likes to dive in and look at the architecture of an application to learn how all of the moving pieces are handled. In the end, he loves to pass along what he's learned and to help people make some good design choices for all aspects of a project.

Additional Resources

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