Scaling PHP


This two-part mini series details the process of making a website able to handle high amounts of traffic, specifically with code in PHP. PHP has a bit of a bad reputation on this front, but this series will walk you through a way to keep users happy by making your website fast-paced even with high traffic.


Part One

Part one gives an overview of scaling PHP and walks you through the first step in the process: replacing Apache.

Part Two

The second piece of this series dives into more advanced topics that demand consideration when moving a LAMP stack to a scaled architecture.

About the Author

Zach Gardner

I am a HTML5/JavaScript Consultant for Keyhole Software in Kansas City. I help large enterprises with Single-Page Application architecture as well as consulting on full stack development. In my spare time, I read anything I can get my hands on when I'm not playing Dad to a 1-year-old girl, or playing husband to my wife.

Additional Resources

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