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Migrate on-premise .NET enterprise applications to Azure

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CTOs, Directors, and Architects


To Get VP of Engineering, CIO, CSO, Legal, and Development Operations Working Together to Migrate the Organization to Azure

Azure Migration Cheat Sheet

Azure is a large offering. Here are some cheat sheet details that can help you in understanding which Azure tooling you might need to research for your own system.

Desired Level Of Code Change

Application Size
No Code Changes
Partial Cloud Native
Full Cloud Native
App ServicesApp ServicesApp Services
App ServicesApp ServicesAKS
App ServicesAKSAKS

This graph depicts the suggested Azure solution service(s) that would be a best fit for the specific size of application that is being developed or migrated.

App Services is a suite of services offered by Azure, where AKS is the managed Azure Kubernetes cluster. App Services offer managed, configurable services that were often siloed-off from development teams. Enabling the development teams to manage their own services is a core tenant of DevOps.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

This graph depicts when it would be the most desirable to modernize your continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) process.

VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) allows a central place to manage the source code - along with how it is is built and deployed. It also offers project tracking capabilities on par with competitors like JIRA and Trello.

Application Size
CI/CD Options
On-PremiseChange Last
VSTSChange Last
VSTSChange First

Security Considerations

APIM - API Management

Azure’s solution to exposing enterprise or application APIs with a central point to manage concerns like security and auditing.

AAD - Azure Active Directory

A global service to manage identity across the enterprise. AAD also offers additional threat detection features as well as built in two-factor authentication.

Private CIDR

Ensure at a network connectivity level that the only connections to and from a machine are done through a private, virtual Azure network.

VPN or Express Route

Allows connections between the on-premise data centers and Azure data centers. This is critical if data needs to flow back and forth between the two, or resources not exposed on the DMZ can only be accessed with traffic originating from the VPN. Express Route offers an additional layer of security as the VPN traffic does not pass through the Internet backbone at all.

App Service Offerings

There are a multitude of established ways to implement various pieces of application functionality in Azure’s App Services. This creates a homogenous environment for the development teams to deliver functionality in a consistent manner and without having to reinvent the wheel.

App Service Offerings
Periodic Jobs
Worker Rule
App Settings
Secret Management
Available Database
Azure SQL Server
.NET 3 to 4.5
Web Application

Service Fabric

Service Fabric is Azure’s solution for being able to manage a large number of microservices in Docker containers that can constantly move in and out and go up and down without warning.

Developers do not have to worry about the ins and outs of managing a large number of containers, and can easily run Service Fabric without having to install a massive amount of dependencies.

  • Pros

    Actor Model

  • Cons

    AKS Has More Velocity
    .NET Core Only

Recommended Subscription Topology

The following depicts the ideal setup for which environments should deploy applications. Having these environments set up will greatly facilitate activities like testing, user acceptance and enable developers to achieve results faster.

This recommendation also helps network security ensure that traffic can be managed at a higher level than individual resources.


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