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We help clients to plan, prioritize, and implement DevOps strategies that reduce time from "code commit" to deployment while maintaining uptime and quality.
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DevOps Defined

DevOps combines cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that reduce the time from "code commit" to deployment—increasing an organization's ability to deliver quality applications and services that bring real business value.

Why Invest In DevOps?

Accelerated Release Cycles

Having siloed development and operations teams inevitably leads to delays in delivery. An effective DevOps strategy automates processes to provide consistent results.

Increased Quality

Repeatable automated processes that are consistent across environments improve stability and quality. Furthermore, when failures do occur, having automated rollback capabilities decreases downtime.

Improved Collaboration

Multi-discipline (Development and Operations) teams align what are otherwise sometimes competing goals and create a natural communication channel.

Increased Productivity

High-performing DevOps-based teams spend less time on chasing issues, re-working, and debugging—allowing focus on tasks that increase business value.

Key DevOps Competencies

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Containerization/ Orchestration

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Red Hat

    Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

    • Terraform
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • Azure Resource Manager
    • Chef
    • Puppet

    Keyhole consultants have command of a variety of leading DevOps tools & technologies that allow us to automate manual tasks and manage development processes efficiently. We are tool agnostic using the best for each unique project.

    Image of logos for AWS, Azure, Argo, Kybernetes, Docker, Helm, Github, Bitbucket, Lambda..


    • AWS Lambda
    • Azure Functions

    CI/CD Pipelines

    • AWS CodePipeline
    • Tekton | Jenkins X
    • Git
    • GitHub
    • GitLab
    • BitBucket

    Provisioning & Application Management

    • Helm
    • ArgoCD
    • Ansible

    Keyhole DevOps Services

    Discovery Audit

    Engage Keyhole to audit development and operations ecosystems in place to ​uncover pain points and ​make strategic recommendations for improvement.​ ​

    Improving your processes is a continuous effort and performing regular health checks is highly recommended.​ A​ typical​ audit​engagement takes 3 to 5 days and can be done on site or remotely.​ ​​

    Strategic Consulting

    ​No matter where on the DevOps journey your company finds itself, expert Keyhole DevOps consultants can help you refine your DevOps strategy to actualize real benefits.
    Our experts ​can ​help you understand and select the automation and cloud technologies you need to win​ and provide your team with the education it needs to ensure success​.


    Keyhole work​s hand-in-hand​ with your in-house teams to augment or fully manage DevOps adoption​ tactics to accelerate the DevOps implementation process​​. Keyhole can automate the entire process pipeline, covering builds, performing quality checks, QA testing, and more​, as well as ​use continuous integration, continuous development, and continuous deployment methods to effectively bridge the DevOps gap.

    Learn About DevOps

    Take a look at the following tutorials written by Keyhole's expert consultants to get up-to-speed:

    Defining DevOps Success

    Learn: DevOps Orchestration

    What is needed for one organization may be completely different from another—"success" is relative to many factors and needs to be defined by the organization.

    • Size of organization
    • Budget
    • Capability of Staff
    • Goals
    • Platform(s) - Cloud vs. On-prem
    • User base, i.e. Public-facing vs internal,
    • Business/Consumer vs Specialized Nature of application(s), i.e. Web-based, Mobile, API, IoT, Enterprise vs. Startup

    Success is also ever-changing as factors change over time.

    DevOps Competency Partnerships

    Gold Microsoft Partner

    This elite partnerships tier signifies that Keyhole has achieved the highest level of application development competence with Microsoft technologies.

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    AWS Partner

    This designation signifies proven expertise with the AWS platform through a combination of customer testimonials, certifications, and investments in employee educational programs.

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    Kubernetes Consulting

    Keyhole Software helps nationwide clients build, package, and deploy applications with Kubernetes. Kubernetes enables DevOps experts to automate the deployment and management processes of containerized applications. Kubernetes even allows you to group different containers together into logical units for easy management and discovery.

    Kubernetes is the most widely utilized container orchestration tool, as it has the ability to support container platforms like Docker and all major cloud platforms (including AWS, Azure, and GCP). Start reaping the benefits of faster application development and delivery with Keyhole’s Kubernetes Services.


    Keyhole Kubernetes Managed Services

    application containerization

    We can help your organization migrate to Kubernetes and adopt DevOps best practices around the provisioning, deployment, scaling, and management of your Kubernetes clusters.

    cloud migration

    Keyhole is cloud agnostic and can help you implement Kubernetes with all the major Cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and GCP. Whether it is a Kubernetes cluster running in the cloud or on-premises, you are in good hands with the Keyhole team.

    managed infrastructure services

    Once your Kubernetes migration is completed, we can train your team on the day-to-day management and operations required in the DevOps space. Our focus on knowledge transfer helps equip our clients with the tools they need for success.

    dev ops and ci/cd consulting

    Keyhole’s experts can integrate your code delivery pipeline into one cohesive unit to deliver code to production quickly and efficiently. We’ll be with you each step of the way as you assess, pilot, and operate your Kubernetes infrastructure.

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