OpenShift In Action

Technical Demo of OpenShift Capabilities With Expert Q&A

Many technical presentations simply talk about the benefits of Microservices through bullet point concepts, diagrams, and discussion.

In contrast, this presentation will demonstrate exactly how Red Hat’s OpenShift container application platform can provide the necessary mechanisms to support a Microservice architecture.

Demo Overview

Note: OpenShift is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries.; it is not affiliated with Keyhole Software. We just like it a lot!

Presentation Overview

We will walk through a ​tangible ​reference Microservice​s​ implementation ​to demonstrate ​each of the following features of the OpenShift platform supporting the Microservices style​:​

  • Routing and Load Balancing
  • Configuration
  • Orchestration
  • Monitoring and Health Checks
  • Immutable Container Registry
  • Log Aggregation and Visualization
  • Failure Injection
  • Building and Containerization
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Circuit Breaking
  • OpenShift Concepts
  • Microservices Design Patterns (Service Registry, Bounded Context, Front Controller, API Authentication, Authorization)

The presentation will be followed with a Q&A session, where the experienced OpenShift presenter will answer any questions the audience has regarding OpenShift.

Technology Stack

While this presentation will demonstrate the OpenShift platform, it will also demonstrate the Pivotal Spring/Netflix OSS frameworks in action.

The reference Microservices application ​discussed ​is implemented ​as a single-page application Angular UI​ with​ Spring Boot and Netflix OSS​ and will be deployed with OpenShift.​


This presentation is for enterprise teams. It is geared toward architects, leads, and developers who are developing software using Java, .NET or JavaScript technology, particularly looking into Microservices applications.

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