Keyhole Releases MockOla v3.0

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Keyhole Software is proud to announce the v3.0 release of MockOla, a web-based design software for software developers. This release provides significant feature and usability updates, including a formal template gallery that simplifies the illustration of complex software design concepts.

What’s New in MockOla 3.0

In version 3.0, we add a formal template gallery with IT templates for application architecture, cloud, .NET, Java, UML, UI, and other software concepts. Users can quickly modify and customize predesigned templates to minimize design time. MockOla v3.0 also adds an image gallery containing specialized images and logos, allowing users to make effective, communicative diagrams.

Lauren Bogner, director of operations at Keyhole, has been on the team for over 11 years. She manages our human resources, operations, recruiting, and marketing while also having a keen eye for design.

“Software concepts are often complex to illustrate,” Bogner said. “The goal with MockOla v3.0 was to make designing them even easier, especially for our IT users. The templates fit a wide range of business and application needs, particularly in software design.”

MockOla is a web-based design and diagramming tool for creating custom designs. This software empowers users to create IT diagrams, user interface wireframes, and freeform designs by dragging and dropping customizable elements onto a canvas.

MockOla boasts a long list of features, including specialized item palettes like shapes, architecture, UI, data, object relationship management to illustrate flow, software logo gallery, visual layer design, and responsive content. After creation, users can save and download diagrams as JSON or image files for efficient sharing and collaboration.

David Pitt, one of Keyhole’s managing partners, has nearly 37 years of software development and project leadership. He is passionate about educating, leading, and managing enterprise-level development initiatives.

“We designed it to be useful for devs who don’t have the time to start from scratch,” Pitt said. “MockOla now lets users easily drop in a web application architecture template, and with a few customizations make it their own. I use it frequently to quickly design application diagrams and UI mockups for documentation and project proposals.”

MockOla was developed by Keyhole Software with React, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, CosmosDB, and Docker and is hosted in Azure. MockOla is free to use. For more information, please visit

About Keyhole

Keyhole Software is a custom development and software consulting firm comprised solely of elite, vetted employees who are as passionate as they are skilled. They build custom solutions that solve complex business problems and have a long track record of delivering on time and on budget. Key technologies utilized include Java, .NET, JavaScript, Cloud, and others.

To find out how our team can help you exceed your business goals, contact us for a free consultation.

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