Data Science / Data Mining

Supervised Learning Time-Series Model

This 42-minute video provides a technical breakdown of a supervised learning time-series model that uses data science to make predictions of the daily water flow of the Norfork River.

  • Recording

    The recording was taken at a Keyhole Software Employee Lunch & Learn in May 2022. There are other applications of data science and machine learning, please contact Keyhole Software to learn more about how data science could be implemented to benefit your business.

Data Science Recording

Supervised Time-Series Model

Project Overview

This video includes an introduction to data science "big ideas" relevant to the model, an explanation of its data modeling process, and a demonstration of the real-life machine learning solution implemented with Python, Postgres SQL, and H2O (an open-source machine learning algorithm).

Multiple data sources and technologies were combined to create an accurate model that allows farmers and recreationists to make actionable insights about the future.

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