Multi-Cloud Considerations

For Application Developers

A 35-minute discussion for application developers considering a multi-cloud approach, including potential advantages, pain points, and tradeoffs to be aware of.

  • Recording

    The video was recorded at a Keyhole Software Public Education Event in October 2022. Speaker Zach Gardner is a Senior Consultant and Architect at Keyhole Software with over 15 years of experience helping clients exceed their goals with custom software solutions.

Multi-Cloud Considerations

For Application Developers

Video Overview

Recorded at a Keyhole Software education event featuring Senior Consultant Zach Gardner in October 2022.

This educational session is a discussion of the multi-cloud approach, a cloud computing strategy leveraging a combination of public, private, or edge clouds to distribute applications and services to best benefit the business. This presentation is geared toward members of the AppDev team, from developers to architects through management.

We dive into the advantages and tradeoffs of a multi-cloud setup and look at each cloud vendor's specific pros and cons. AWS, Azure, and GCP account for the majority of cloud usage, and all have special services that are exclusively offered. However, for the best results, our clients often want to take advantage of all vendors simultaneously.

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