Top AppDev Security Mistakes

And How to Avoid Them

A 45-minute dive into some of the top security mistakes made while developing custom applications—and what software developers can do to avoid them.

  • Recording

    The video was recorded at a Keyhole Software Public Education Event in August 2022. Speaker Zach Gardner is a Senior Consultant and Architect at Keyhole Software with over 15 years of experience helping clients exceed their goals with custom software solutions.

Top Security Mistakes in AppDev

Plus Tips on How to Avoid Them

Video Overview

Recorded at a Keyhole Software education event featuring Senior Consultant Zach Gardner in August 2022.

Developing custom applications is one of the hardest professional endeavors, and making them secure can be an even bigger challenge. Malicious actors are constantly changing tactics and strategies, which, unfortunately, makes it impossible to completely eliminate any security threat. There must be a balance between delivering features quickly to meet business objectives and mitigating security risks. Thankfully, these two goals are not mutually exclusive.

Keyhole Software has recently published a related white paper on the subject, Security Best Practices in Application Development. You can download this resource for free today.

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