Happily Adding To Keyhole’s Team This Week

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Attention: The following article was published over 13 years ago, and the information provided may be aged or outdated. Please keep that in mind as you read the post.

With the addition of new team members to Keyhole Software this week, I began to contemplate the type of person that thrives in our organization. Considering the number of skilled candidates considered before making final decisions, we found out that we’re pretty selective and focused on the “right” fit. I began to think of why.

Keyhole Software is a team, a cohesive unit. It is a dynamic environment– collaborative, lively and technically challenging. It may be a benefit of being a company of our size, but we like to really get to know our team members. What challenges them, where they want to go in their careers and what they enjoy. Plus, with the company culture in mind, we seek to enjoy being around each other– technically and personally.

The types of personalities around Keyhole are highly varied. From founder David P– avid cyclist, creator of VeloD, and possessor of a contagious passion of software development. To Dean– mobility expert, Kansas re-transplant via Houston and husband to the best baker Keyhole has the pleasure of knowing. From Jaime– adventurer (Why do you think we’re called Keyhole? See here), talented in helping clients look to the future and make the move to newer technologies, and a dynamic developer. To Mark F– skilled musician (we can prove it here), amazing cook, and one of the most versatile developers we know in a variety of applications. To Mark D– motorcycle enthusiast, Mac lover, and great at getting into the problem and finding a creative solution. To founder Chris, to Brad M, to Adrienne… the list goes on. Every Keyhole developer and architect has a specialized skill set and distinct personality, adding more depth to the team by being a part of it.

Many consulting companies function by placing their consultants on a client site, possibly periodically checking in and reassigning them at the completion of the project. At Keyhole, when our consultants are located on client sites, we keep in contact with our consultants not only to enjoy the people and keep up with them personally, but because we love the technology. And even while our consultants are on client sites, the team is tuned in to the project to assist, if need be, as a support network. That passion for knowledge and collaboration is something that every single architect and developer on our team shares.

When (new team member) Luke came into the office for an initial interview, he was introduced to Jaime. Jaime was working on an intricate solution for a project and asked if Luke would like to assist. Dressed in his business suit, Luke immediately sat down in the workstation chair and begun asking the right questions to get a handle on the technical situation. That type of initiative and flexibility shows the type of individual that thrives on the Keyhole team.

We welcome Jarrod and Luke this week. We are absolutely ecstatic to have found two new members at such a high caliber to add to the growing Keyhole Software team.

12/21/11 update- We are ecstatic to announce that this week we also have a  new member joining us on the Keyhole Software Chicago team. Judy has joined us as the Business Development Director for the Chicago area. Welcome, Judy!

–Lauren Fournier, [email protected]

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