Azure App Modernization and Innovation Day

Recorded April 15, 2020

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Azure App Modernization and Innovation Day was hosted by Microsoft, partnered with Keyhole Software.

During this event, attendees had the opportunity to learn about Azure developer services and the latest on industry trends from Azure application development experts.

The topics include Azure App Services, Serverless Computing, Microservices & Containers, DevOps on Azure, AI for Developers and more!

A recording of the full presentation is available below.

Event Schedule

Please get connected ahead of the presentation to ensure you can hear and see all speakers of this event.We anticipate each presentation taking about 30-45min. After each presentation, we will have a few minutes for some Q&A. Feel free to use the chat and we will get to your questions at that time.

Presentation Slides

Azure Modernization

Azure DevOps Slides and Notes

AI & Cognitive Services

AI and Cognitive Services Presentation Slides

App Services for Enterprise Applications

App Services for Enterprise Applications Slides and Notes

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About the Speakers

Dallas Monson

Dallas Monson is a performance and results-driven Software Architect with a passion for refactoring and troubleshooting legacy and poorly performing code. He enjoys learning new technologies and finding new strategies to enhance development and drive teams toward shared goals.

Derek Andre

Derek Andre is a full-stack software developer with 19+ years of experience and widely varied career experience covering everything from working in .NET at Microsoft to modernizing a COBOL app to Java. He has a passion for mobile application development and machine learning.

Zach Gardner

Zach Gardner is a skilled Sr. Consultant with 9 years of experience in development. His knack for getting up-to-speed quickly is illustrated in his numerous proof-of-concept and green field development projects. See Zach's recent video on Azure Options for the Enterprise.

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