Keyhole Software Releases React Guitar Tuner Application

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Attention: The following article was published over 6 years ago, and the information provided may be aged or outdated. Please keep that in mind as you read the post.

Keyhole Software is proud to announce the release of the Keyhole Guitar Tuner application. This open source application provides audio for tuning guitars.

With the free web application, users can select any listed guitar tuning note and various audio samples for each note are played. The application features different ways to listen to the tuning audio including playing a single note continuously, listening to the notes played in one strum, or playing the “tune” option that plays each note five times.

This application was developed by the Summer 2018 Keyhole Software interns Braden Niswonger, Anna Maloy, John Dehan, and Colin Smith.

The agile team built the open source Guitar Tuning Application using JavaScript and React utilizing the React-Sound audio elements and Materialize CSS. React uses components to provide efficient ways to render only the information you need. Materialize, a child of Material UI provides clean styling options to keep the interface clean and simple. The server-side API was implemented using Java endpoints.

The application is now available for use at Mobile support is currently being developed.

Interested in how the application works? Visit Github to access the code or get a local copy.

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