Keyhole Announces 2022 Education Series: Kubernetes/Containers, Blockchain and HyperLedger

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We are excited to announce the Summer 2018 Keyhole Education Series!

This series consists of three educational Breakfast Boost events open to the public. The presentations are geared to benefit software developers who are implementing or interested in using Containers/Kubernetes, Blockchain, and/or HyperLedger with one presentation dedicated to each topic.

  • Kubernetes & Containers In Action: Tuesday, June 26, 2018
  • Blockchain in Action: Event Time: Wednesday, July 18, 2018
  • Implementing a Permissioned Smart Contract Blockchain with HyperLedger: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

All three presentations will be held at the Keyhole Software office in Leawood, Kansas. Space is limited so RSVP is required. To get more information, please visit the event page or reserve your free tickets on

Knowledge transfer is a key value of the Keyhole team, which is why we host events like this open to the public. All Keyhole events include time for advanced Q&A between the audience and Keyhole Software experts on the topic.

Series Details

Kubernetes & Containers In Action

Event Time: 8:00-10:00 AM on Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Speaker: Jaime Niswonger, Principal Consultant, Keyhole Software

Many technical presentations simply talk about the benefits of automation and DevOps through bullet point concepts, diagrams, and discussion. In contrast, this presentation demonstrates the automation of a container-based application on a Kubernetes platform. We will discuss and demonstrate some of the key components and considerations of a DevOps enabled environment.

We walk through a tangible reference implementation to demonstrate the following:

  • Ansible-based deployment automation
  • Pipelining
  • Automated Testing
  • Quality Analysis
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Application Health
  • Monitoring and Alerts

Coffee and breakfast items will be available.

Technology Stack Demonstrated

The reference application is microservice based (but most of the concepts apply to any application architecture), using Java and Spring Boot/Cloud, and will be deployed in an OpenShift cluster.

RedHat’s OpenShift will be used as the Kubernetes distribution, however, that is not the main emphasis of the presentation. The principles discussed are applicable to cloud enablement on any platform.

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Blockchain in Action

Event Time: 8:00-10:00 AM on Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Speaker: David Pitt, Managing Partner, Keyhole Software

People have shared information in the same ways for hundreds of years: paper was simply replaced by digital computers. In both cases, information is still copied.

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally disrupt this through efficiency and cost savings. But how does a blockchain keep transactions secure and the system in balance and healthy? The best way to discuss this question is to dig into the technical specifics of building an actual blockchain with code. This event will walk through how blockchain technology works by doing just that.

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Implementing a Permissioned Smart Contract Blockchain with HyperLedger

Event Time: 8:00-10:00 AM on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Speaker: Dallas Monson, Senior Architecture Consultant – Modernization and Microservices, Keyhole Software

This presentation shows a live implementation of building a blockchain smart contract with HyperLedger.

Blockchain smart contracts ensure that agreements are verifiable, permanent, and coded to meet the terms of its parties – without the expense of a middleman. The smart contract executes the instructions consistently and without fail, perhaps enacted based upon a time-based or condition-based trigger.

Smart contract protocols potentially strengthen up the legal standing of contracts, which makes them extremely applicable to enterprise needs. See them in action in this presentation.

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Get Tickets

To reserve your free tickets, please visit

Learn More About This Series

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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