[Video] DevOps Orchestration: Kubernetes, OpenShift & Cloud Foundry

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The Keyhole team is excited to share the release of an internal educational video that is now available to the public. In our first-ever video release, we discuss microservices platform orchestration from a broad scope.

Specifically, Principal Consultant Jaime Niswonger takes a technology-agnostic look at the “big ideas” integral to platform orchestration for the enterprise. He introduces three popular orchestration platforms, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Cloud Foundry, and discusses scaling container deployments in the enterprise. The video is 60 minutes in duration.

About The Series

Throughout the platform-agnostic series, we demonstrate microservices applications that utilize containers, orchestration, and management suitable to our enterprise clients.

Topics & Timing

  • Introduction to the DevOps (An Epic Tale) Series
  • DevOps, What is It?
  • Where Containers Fit in DevOps, Importance of Portability
  • Time 03:49 – Demo: Introduction to Simple .NET Service / REST API Displayed Throughout Video
  • Recap of Docker Files & Images, Running Through a Docker Image
  • Time 07:03 – Orchestration: The Process of Managing Containerized Applications at Scale
  • Where Orchestration Fits into DevOps
  • 08:18 – “Big Ideas” Behind Orchestration
  • Orchestration Platform Features
  • Time: 13:15 – Introduction to Kubernetes
  • What is it?
  • Kubernetes Architecture: Cluster Nodes, Basic Resources, Ingress
  • Questions & Answers
  • How To Interact With Kubernetes
  • Time: 28:06 – Introduction to OpenShift
  • What Is It?
  • How It Works, The Basics
  • How To Interact With OpenShift
  • Time: 33:51 – Introduction to Cloud Foundry
  • What Is It?
  • How It Works, The Basics
  • How To Interact With Cloud Foundry
  • Time: 38:57 – Taking Our Simple .NET Service (Run as a Docker Container) and Deploying It to OpenShift & Cloud Foundry
  • Scaling, Availability Zones
  • Config, Automatic Provisioning and Deployment, and Pipelines
  • Making Changes to Code and Pushing to OpenShift
  • Making Changes to Code and Pushing to Cloud Foundry
  • A Look Into All Admin Consoles
  • Time: 53:33 Orchestration “Big Ideas” Recap
  • Suggestions for Personal Deep Dives into Orchestration Tools
  • Next Step in Epic: Automation of Provisioning and Deployment

This one-hour video was recorded September 2019 at a Keyhole Software internal employee Lunch & Learn event. Keep an eye out for more videos to come!

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