Our Story

Keyhole Software was formed as the result of the friendship between company founders Chris DeSalvo and David Pitt. The pair met when previously employed by the Kansas City division of CrossLogic Corporation, an application development consulting firm.

Through superb technical skills and the dedication of its employees, CrossLogic was immensely successful. In a logical match, the company was acquired by Number Six Software, and then again by Advanced Technology Systems Corporation (ATSC). By this point, DeSalvo and Pitt had seen what makes a company successful in IT consultancy. With the knowledge gained through their stellar experiences with CrossLogic, Number Six, and ATSC, the pair spun off in 2008 and created what is now known as Keyhole Software.

The pair worked to integrate these principles into Keyhole Software:

  • Form an organization consisting of only the brightest, stand-out talent in the software development field and make them a team.
  • Work with a variety of technologies in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity.
  • Service clients in such a way that we become trusted members of their technology teams, allowing us to further the success of each company we assist.
  • And lastly, have a great time while doing what we love: creating high quality software.

The Keyhole Software company name is indicative of this unique vision. Though many assume that the name represents a locking mechanism, that’s not the case. Named after the 14,000-foot mountain climbing route on Long’s Peak in Estes Park, Colorado, the Keyhole represents movement past the point of “good enough.” Our founders, and many of our principals, have accomplished this mountainous feat.

Always a privately-held company, Keyhole has thrived without the support of outside investor funding. We’ve even been documented by the Kansas City Business Journal on what growth strategies have allowed us to achieve success.

The organization is expanding its client base both geographically and across industry lines, and is recruiting, retaining, and continually challenging a highly skilled team. (Click here for more information about a career with us.) Employees are provided with the opportunities, tools, and a collaborative support network to develop careers as well as support our clients’ initiatives.

Interested in learning more? What can Keyhole’s team do for you?