Predicting the Future of Development: Microservices & SPAs

MicroservicesA Discussion of Architectural Styles to Mitigate Technology Shift: Microservices and Single-Page Applications

If you’re in the enterprise, it is common to wonder how long your current technology stack going to last.

We encourage our clients to assume that change is going to happen, and to proactively put in place a decoupled system architecture that provides a smaller surface area of change for your applications in the future.

There are two architectural styles that can help this proactivity come to pass: Single­-Page Applications and Microservices. Bonus: they both promote Agility.

White Paper Topics

In this free white paper we discuss two architectural patterns: Single­-Page Applications and Microservices, including:

  • An overview of how each are approached from an architectural perspective
  • A comparison of Microservices to traditional Monolithic applications
  • When best to consider each approach (and when to avoid)
  • Suggestions for successful implementation

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